You’re stuck at work, despite not wanting to be there and coming to the conclusion that this is becoming a very bad habit. Not sure whether or not you should have the same friend dinner pack you had last night or that no so healthy Asian take-away, you’re out of potential dinner options. That was until; This is Wholesome came to your rescue.

It seems a reality that the busier our cosmopolitan lives become our eating habits tend to suffer. This is particularly why This is Wholesome was created. To fuel our busy lifestyles with (actually) healthy meal options, keeping you motivated, interested and energized.


Food designed with you in mind is exactly what you should be putting in your mouth and not regret ten minutes after eating. This is Wholesome is low in gluten, fat, sugar, salt and lactose. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s not! Natural food packed full of quality ingredients is exactly what This is Wholesome is all about. Without losing its delicious taste, all of This is Wholesome’s individual menu items can be altered to suit you. This fresh food is not deep-fried or re-fried, or stewed for weeks at a time and with that this convenient meal option comes to you… or at least close enough.

With six simple steps outlined by the Wholesome team themselves, there is no excuse to have an unhealthy meal again.

1. Get stuck at work, with deadlines to hit, and no time to hit them. Or realise you’re going home, with nothing to cook, or nobody to cook for you.

2. Get fed up with the lack of healthy delivery choices on the Internet, with the sloppy, greasy fast food.

3. Get online and pick your favourite meal, along with sides, drinks, and maybe a bit of dessert. We’ll send you an email with your order and delivery time.

4. Pick up your food from one of our handy drop-off points. Keep it in the fridge, then heat it in the microwave or oven for a few minutes. Or take it home to eat later.

5. Eat it. Share it with someone. Or don’t. But don’t forget to share what you’ve created with the world. Tag your meals #thisiswholesome and give them your feedback.

6. Repeat it. Try something new tomorrow, or plan ahead and order for later in the week too.

This is Wholesome offers us workaholics with simple and healthy meal solutions. Whether you’re in a high-rise in the CBD or in a funky studio in Fitzroy, there are ten more than convenient drop-off locations to suit you.

With meals like citrus & herb infused poached prawns, slow braised Spanish beef, chilli ginger & lime chicken, and a pumpkin lentil and chickpea tangine you’re taste buds are going to have a field day!

With the option to eat your meal straight away, save it for when you’re ready, or take it home when you can’t be bothered to cook, it’s the perfect anytime meal option.


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