December marks the beginning of the silly season, work breakups, parties and Christmas. This frenzy of events often catches us off guard and leaves us with a list of names of people we have to buy for and have no idea for what to get them. We have compiled a list of gift ideas  that wont break the budget, for your work Kris Kringle, your neighbour or your sister’s new boyfriend of three weeks that she just had to bring to Christmas lunch.


 Book: ‘The John Lennon Letters’

This book written by the only authorized biographer for the Beatles, Hunter Davies, is a compilation of almost 300 letters and postcards written by Lennon to his family and friends, fans, strangers and his lovers. Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, this book is an intriguing read as it brings Lennon’s amazing personal story back to life.



Theatre: Romeo and Juliet – Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra 

Treat that certain someone to some Shakespeare under the stars with a ticket to The Australian Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet. Rather than performing at a theatre, this production will appear at the Royal Botanic Gardens on the Southern Cross Lawns – South Yarra. Opening night is on the 20th of December and closes on the 9th of March 2013.

Tickets are $35 per person, but maybe lash out and buy two so they have someone’s shoulder to cry on in the final act. For ticket information go to

Cook: ‘Whole Larder Love’ cookbook

Although we love to eat out, more and more people are trying their master-chef skills at home. Whole Larder Love is a contemporary cookbook that not only contains great recipes, but also focuses on how to utilize what surrounds us by growing, gathering, hunting and then cooking. Available at Readings book store for $29.99.




This oddly shaped head massaging device somehow manages to be one the most relaxing methods of massage. With a name like that you know the recipient will be grateful.


2013 Diary

Being practical will never fail you so if you want to play it safe then a diary for 2013 is a good bet. Typo and Kikki K have a fantastic and affordable range.




Take a risk and choose one of the many enticing flavours of tea from T2. Most are available for under $10.


Pot Plant or herbs

A small pot plant, cactus or herb can bring the beauty of the outdoors into any home.



With the abundance of markets that occupy Melbourne and it’s surrounding suburbs, so too comes a never ending variety of homemade preserves and spreads. simple and satisfying.


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