If one happened to be traversing in East Brunswick last Friday, you may have found yourself drawn to the curious shopfront of building 136.

Nestled on the hustle and bustle of Lygon Street, what you will find is ursastudiohouse. A space that houses small collections from artists, designers and makers, they specialize in sourcing innovative and interesting ideas that are being produced in studios and workshops.

On this certain night however, one may have been privy to a collective buzz of excitement  The subject of  anticipation? The launch of the much awaited book by Anna Ross and Chelsea Bagan – “The Hand Book: A guide to nail art”.

Co-creators Chelsea Bagan (Trophy Wife Nail Art) and Anna Ross (Kester Black)

Teeming with nail aficionados and eager amateurs alike, the night was filled with hungry eyes taking their fill of pretty nail designs contained within the pages of the Hand Book. Various shades of Kester Black nail polishes were also on display for sale, tantalizing the taste buds with their tasty namesakes and delicious hues.

The designs themselves reflect the shared aesthetic of Chelsea and Anna – who are both individual nail artists in their own right – with a sense of quirky eccentricity, bright colours, a dash of metalics and sparkle, and geometric patterns that pop.

Just a small bite of what the Hand Book contains

Eager for more? Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kester Black‘s confection inspired collection:

 Images  courtesy of Trophy Wife Nail Art, Kester Black, and The Hand Book.

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