Shoreditch is the hip new men’s suit label with a difference, and their latest Spring/Summer collection is bringing the chic look of London to the most fashionable event in Australia – the Spring Racing Carnival.

Drawing inspiration from the uber cool Shoreditch area of north London, the range offers a suit that is sharp, creative, urban and affordable. With foundation pieces starting from $349.00 a Shoreditch suit is the perfect combination of cool and style – gritty without being grungy, and sleek without being too slick.

Their latest collection ‘The Heist’ includes slim line styles for the modern male, with slim cut suits, pronounced detailing, unconventional lining and modern designs they are perfect for the Spring Racing carnival and the party season ahead.

The team of designers at Shoreditch HQ all agree that “there is distinct lack of men’s wear in Australia that has a bit of grit and personality – and Shoreditch fills that gap”.  Dressing smart doesn’t have to be so standard, so Shoreditch makes it easy to mix things up with a range of shirts, ties, suit pants and jackets.


The suits come in a range of stylish colours including charcoal, ink blue, grey and beige, with slim-cut jackets that are designed to skim your body and fit your shape. While the suit pants are slim with straight cut, and have no daggy pleats or cuffs! Made from 100% wool the suits breathe well, and with the option of wool/polyester blend suits you can rest easy and know that your suit won’t wrinkle.


The shirts are stylish yet edgy, with modern colours and patterns like the purple check shirt, or the black and white Hounds tooth check shirt. The devil is in the detail with Shoreditch shirts, so expect to see quirky details like the subtle floral print on the collar and cuff of the white and dark blue shirts. Made from 100% cotton they are light and breathable for the spring and summer months, and combined with a Shoreditch tie, made from 100% silk, they will perfectly complement your look.

Whether you’re buying your first suit or want to add some edginess to your wardrobe Shoreditch has the suit for you. And for the uninitiated Couturing has laid out the top tips for great looking suits.

Top Tips for Great Looking Suits

  1. Fit the jacket snug: To look your best, the jacket should fit snug.  It’s for making your entrance (and your getaway) not for playing sport in, or doing physical labour. A proper fitting jacket should feel slightly constricting. And make sure you wear a fitted shirt!
  2. Low rise trousers: Your pants should sit well on your hips – like a good pair of jeans.  High-rise pants up around your waist just look daggy.
  3. No pleats or cuffs, please: Straight cut bottoms, with no cuffs please, and definitely no pleats, unless you’re into the saggy crotch look.
  4. Go for two button jackets: And never do up the bottom button.   Looks great with jeans.
  5. It’s the details that count: Check for details to love, like cool lining, sleek pockets and neat lapels – that’s what stands a great suit apart.


Selling at stockists around Australia you can find your nearest Shoreditch stockist at


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