Supplying the largest sportswear brands, JD Sports, has been in business for over 30 years. Nike, Adidas, Goi Goi, Converse and Lacoste are just some of the names that all proudly sit under it’s stable. So why haven’t you heard of them?

The answer: they are based in the UK. Fear not; they have opened an online store and deliver to Australia (yes!). With sportswear and ‘sports-luxe’ firmly cementing their place as fashion staples, here are 5 reasons to make JD your go-to for sportswear from now on.

1. All of the JD Sports exclusives

It’s quite easy to purchase Nike, Adidas, Converse or Vans wherever you need to in Australia. What isn’t so easy is getting your hands on the JD Sports exclusives. From limited edition Nike Roshe Runs to exclusive New Balance prints, this  is just one more reason to be able to say “sorry, you can’t get these in Australia.” (you know you want to)

Take a look at all these JD Sports exclusives and just try to tell us that doesn’t get you amped up for some cool kicks.



2. Free delivery to Australia over £75 (that’s AUD$150)

There is no other feeling like shoppping internationally to break up your day, however when international shipping gets in the way it can quickly sour a once promising wardrobe update.

With many shoes priced between £40-£120, filling up your basket is not hard and it’s just one more excuse to add to your collection.

“I just had to buy it, it meant I got free shipping.”

3. Deals of the week

Every. Single. Week.

One item/look/sneaker is crazy discounted every week. We’re not even talking about the things that nobody else wants. Trust me when I say this, it is worth the browse. (check it out under the clearance tab)

4. Self titled “King of Footwear”

Not sure where this name came from, however as the “King of Footwear” these guys must know their trainers. Stocking the best of the best , from casual to sporting, if you just want a casual kick or a serious pair of runners you can find it all online.

5. Brands you don’t know, but should

We like to think we are pretty spoilt here in Australia, but you can never have too much of a good thing – and that good thing is sportwear.

It’s time to get to know brands like American Freshman, McKenzie, EA7 (Emporio Armani’s sportswear diffusion line) and Duffer of St George.


It’s time to go online shopping (or take a trip to London!)

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Thom Whilton

Thom Whilton is co-Founder and current Creative Director of He has been published in a variety of publications for his written and styling work. Thom has been featured in, Weekend Weekly, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, M Magazine, The Vine and Everguide to name just a few. Thom was also Ambassador for the City of Melbourne (2012) has styled for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (2012) and his work has featured in Couturing and MX Magazine. He has also styled celebrities such as Delilah (Warner Music, supported Prince in tour), Nadia Coppolino and Silvana Lovin-Philoppousis.