Last week Couturing chatted with the founder of Slim Secrets, Sharon Thurin. Thurin has watched her hobby of helping people curb their unhealthy snacking habits, turn into a globally recognised brand. We found out how and why this rapidly evolving range of tasty and nutritionally-balanced snacks have come into existence and received a few extra tips for health and well-being along the way.

ASHLEE: You have an Arts/Law degree, a Diploma of Education and you’re a trained Health and Wellness coach. What made you decide to take your career path in this direction as opposed to the other areas?

SHARON: From my early days I have had an interest in health and well-being. I come from a family of Doctors and worked for many years with my husband, Peter, in his pharmacies whilst our children were young. It was only when he sold the pharmacies to become a business speaker that I took an interest in anti-aging health and did a health and wellness coaching course. It was during this time that I saw there was a gap in the market for what is now called Slim Secrets. Little did I know that this idea would become a well known global brand!


ASHLEE: Why is it important for us to snack right?

SHARON: Although many people feel guilty about snacking, snacks aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, well-planned weight-loss diets allow for snacks to help manage hunger and reduce binging as well as keep your metabolism working. Eating a healthy snack can tame your hunger without ruining your appetite for your next meal. The key to incorporating snacks into your weight-loss plan is to keep moderation and balance in mind.


ASHLEE: What is the ‘secret’ behind keeping your snacks healthy and guilt free?

SHARON: Our snacks are one of the most balanced nutritionally on the market. This takes considerable time and effort to achieve this balance and still have products that taste appealing. We aim to reduce sugar and fat levels whilst increasing protein and fiber which help fill us up. We also aim to keep our Slim Secrets snacks at a lower than normal calorie/kilojoules count and many are also low GI.


ASHLEE: What has been the most exciting part about creating Slim Secrets?

SHARON: Watching something that I thought was just going to be a hobby turn into a well known global brand that people talk about so positively as something that helps them reach their goals (plus seeing them in the Oscars goody bags a couple of years ago!).


ASHLEE: Plans for the future?

SHARON: We are looking at expanding our snack range for both Slim Secrets and also Milk Active ranges and growing our overseas markets. We are licensing our brand to a company in the US and if the model is successful we will look at expanding this to many other countries.


ASHLEE: If you could choose any ambassador in the world for Slim Secrets, who would it be and why?

SHARON:This is a hard one as there are so many that we could choose from but first and foremost who comes to mind is Elle Macpherson. She looks a picture of health and beauty both inside and out. She takes care of herself with the food she eats, her exercise and she is in her late forties but still looks fantastic with womanly curves!


ASHLEE: What’s your favourite Slim Secrets product?

SHARON: I really like them all and as they are mostly quite different it depends on what I feel like at that particular time of the day. However at the moment I am definitely favouring our new Fit Balls (both the mint and the butterscotch on par).


ASHLEE: And the most popular?

SHARON: The Mintabolism Boost is still our most popular and well known product in our range but our Fit Balls aren’t far behind.


ASHLEE: What is included in a balanced diet?

SHARON: A balanced diet includes eating a wide variety of foods from within and across each of the five food groups, in the amounts recommended. Eating many different foods helps maintain a healthy, well-balanced and interesting diet that provides adequate nutrition. Eating a variety of foods can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Our philosophy at Slim Secrets is that it’s not about extreme dieting and giving up everything, but finding healthier ways of having it all.


ASHLEE: Is having a balanced diet enough in order to maintain a healthy body?

SHARON: Whilst it is an essential ingredient it needs to be complimented by regular physical exercise, good sleeping patterns and looking after yourself.


ASHLEE: what is your preferred method of exercise?

SHARON: Without a second thought it has to be spin classes.


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