You’re invited to play a game, one that you have a very good chance at winning. One that I have played myself, and can testify is perhaps more addictive than angry birds and one hundred percent more rewarding.

This new year treat yourself to a night at one of the Art Series Hotels of Melbourne and try your luck at getting a FREE night’s accommodation.

The Olsen, The Cullen and The Blackman are all running a deal until the 13th of January where as long as no one ‘checks in’ to your room, you don’t have to ‘check out’.

We’ve all experienced the dreaded, earlier than expected, ‘check out’ and nobody wants to rush out of their freshly pressed sheets, speed through their shower routine -trying to sample every one of the free amenities – and re-pack all before 10am! You’re meant to be on holidays, right?

The good people of the Art Series Hotel Group have noticed a little something about their guests, and of course knowing the quality of their hotels, no one wants to leave. Guests are constantly requesting later check outs, and they decided that they should give the people what they want, for FREE!

Guests can request their ‘overstay’ the morning they are due to check out, an ‘overstay’ can be an extra couple of hours or an entire night, if you’re successful in a FREE night you can try your luck the next morning and this can continue somewhat indefinitely.

I had a wonderful stay at The Olsen, and spent my evenings overlooking the lights of Chapel Street. I enjoyed the stones throw to surrounding restaurants… and indulged a little too much at Burch and Purchase Sweet Studio.

The staff were lovely and happy to help, being local I knew my way around but I imagine for someone new to Melbourne, these ‘people in the know’ would be god sent.

Olivia Donati took a moment to answer a few questions:

It seems like a bit of a gamble, placing your bet on a free night, has that been some of the appeal for guests?

Yes, it certainly is a gamble. Guests who 100% have to stay at the hotel for a certain night will more than likely book in and pay for it, to ensure they don’t miss out. Those guests that are from local or regional areas and have some time on their hands can take the risk. It also ends up being an added bonus for guests who have late flights etc and are thrilled to have an extra couple of hours in the room – even if they can’t commit to staying an entire extra night

The Olsen provides a very contemporary Australian experience, where do a lot of your guests hail from?

We have a lot of Australian guests – Sydney and Brisbane markets seem to be the strongest for us. We also have a lot of locals and guests from regional Victoria. It’s a home away from home for a lot of people.

What is the longest anyone has been able to ‘overstay’ their welcome?

So far we’ve had someone “overstay” for 4 nights but who knows? If their room isn’t needed, a guest can stay on for the entire campaign period (Dec 16 – Jan 13)

Why choose an Art Series Hotel this summer?

You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We have 3 fantastic hotels in some of Melbourne’s best locations. We’re doing things differently, thinking outside the box and giving our guests the best Melbourne experience.

In a few words describe the type of guest who stays at The Olsen?

We have a sophisticated guest at The Olsen. They enjoy the finer things in life, much like John Olsen.

The Blackman?

The business man or woman,  or a guest that wants a bit of peace and quiet during their stay.

The Cullen?

Attracts the edgy, urban dweller. A lot of creatives and maybe a slightly younger demographic.

The Olsen has a fantastic gym, pool, bicycles to ride, and an incredible restaurant on hand, providing guests with an easy living experience. This certainly makes the ‘overstay’ very appealing, are you afraid guests may never leave?

We don’t want them to and they don’t actually have to. We have a resident program at the Hotel and from $645 you can make our hotel, your home! It’s a convenient way of living and in this day and age it’s pretty affordable and convenient for many people.

So why not try and ‘overstay’ your welcome at an Art Series Hotel? You’re welcome.

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