Last week, Australian design powerhouse Gorman hosted a stunning solo runway in Melbourne’s iconic Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory to showcase the brand’s Autumn 2015 collection and celebrate the 16th year of the label.

MOTH AND MOON has an other-worldly feel about it, suggesting the change in season to the cooler weather, longer nights and shorter days. It’s about the happenings out there in the quiet, stillness of nature and the beauty of balance between earth, animal and sky.

The feeling created is one of being shrunken and transported into the forest, like an elf, where things seem larger and brighter than life.

The Greenhouse story crosses the spectrum of greens, and is printed over a variety of styles including the kimono, puffer jacket, apron and shift dress, linen pants and organic soft cotton tees.

Our moth embroidered pieces are textured and bright, the moths are brilliantly jewel coloured on sheer and velvet cottons, as well as rich fabrics such as silk.

The Jigsaw print takes on a chopped up, abstract, telescopic effect and makes shapes across wool caridgans, dresses, wide leg pants, quilted coats plus more. Bright gold threads used throughout are in reference to the full moon, providing richness and life, taking a shine to pleated tops, skirts and dresses.

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