Heidi Klum has long been a source of #fitspiration, and has combined her love of fashion and fitness into capsule collections with sportswear giant, New Balance. Inspired by an urban colour palate, skeletal cut outs, and on-trend shapes, the resulting products are stylish, lightweight, and above all, comfortable.

I was invited along to the New Balance concept store in Chadstone to try the range and to try out another Heidi staple, Piloxing (a hybrid of dance, pilates, and boxing) and despite it’s fun name, the workout is no joke! It’s all about keeping your body moving throughout the session, and the lightweight fabrication of the shoes and clothing are a perfect fit for it.


What sets the range apart is the technology input into the garments. Designed specifically for Heidi’s favourite workouts,  sweat wicking fabrics, mesh inserts, and hidden compression bands are all found in each piece, and cut outs and illusion straps make sure that every body shape is flattered – fashion meeting fitness!

After our work out, we were treated to a delicious breakfast (including the amazing FINN cold press juices!) to make sure our day was started off right.

If your gym wear needs a rehaul, or you just want to inject a little supermodel magic into your workout routine, be sure to head down to the New Balance concept store at Chadstone Shopping Centre, or shop the range online at

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