Imagine being able to visit a location, before actually getting on a plane and jetsetting off. Sounds crazy right? Well, Tourism Victoria have made it possible to see every last part of Melbourne without actually leaving home!

The Remote Control Tourist campaign is running between the 9-13th of October and two tourists have been geared up with cameras and access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all things digital to present to you a version of Melbourne that I’m not sure many locals have even seen. The two tourists, Tom and Lucy will be showcasing a live stream of their adventures in the city all the while getting directions and suggestions from everyone online using the #MelbourneRCT hashtag.

In the short time I was watching, Lucy (who actually has such a bubbly personality – I’m in love with her commentary!) visited China Town and the well known Shark Finn Inn on Little Bourke St. While there, we were all treated to the Shark Finn Inn’s best dining experience through Lucy’s camera and (not so secretly) wished we were there eating as well! Meanwhile Tom took a walk down Flinders St, visited the Flinders St clocks and stopped by City Hatters – one of Melbourne’s most famous establishments sitting just below Flinders St Station itself.

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These are places in Melbourne that a lot of Melbournites know about, but I doubt most have taken the time to go and visit. We like to stick to our local favourites however the Remote Control Tourist livestream was just such a great way to see more of my own city. For those watching from interstate or overseas, if you have some spare time and have always wanted to visit Melbourne I actually couldn’t recommend it highly enough. You’ll discover some quirky secrets and lesser known hotspots and that’s what Melbourne is all about! If you’ve ever wanted to see something in Melbourne you couldn’t before just tweet it to Lucy and Tom using #MelbourneRCT and who knows, maybe they’ll finally show you what it’s like first hand.

To view the Remote Control Tourist livestream you can click here


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