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He’s one of Australia’s leading and most innovative and intuitive stylists. Now, Philip Boon is bringing his celebrity style finesse to Chapel Street for a very special masterclass on style. In celebration (and anticipation) of this exclusive event, we interviewed Philip to get the low down on all things fashion.

What’s the most challenging part of being a stylist?

I think the most challenging part of styling is turning a project around very quickly and not always having the budget to develop to its best outcome. Of course I love a challenge so I see many opportunities to go beyond what’s expected and create a great result for my clients, both editorial and celebrity!

Why would someone need a personal stylist?

A lot of people with very busy lives can get stuck in a rut and really to work with a stylist to bring their attention to another way of looking at their presentation, it can also give them an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone in terms of clothing. On the celebrity side of things a stylist can be very involved with creating an ongoing image for a high profile person that adds a lot to their public persona and can relate back to their success in the work.

What do your clients look to you for?

I suppose they look to the many years as a professional in my field that has worked with many different celebrities, sports stars and everyday (but high powered) individuals that appreciate that a successful person looks like one! I also hope that they would be aware of my career and that I have been a designer, stylist and creative director.

What’s the one thing that should be taken off before walking out the door?

Attitude. Self confidence is great but too much ego is always unattractive. Humility is very attractive.

And what’s the one thing that should be put on?

Refer to above!

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night?


Ever dreamt up a look for a client?

Fashion is always about dreaming so yes constantly. Inspiration comes to me all the time for certain clients.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

I love vintage, so its from actual vintage clothing and vintage imagery. I also am very inspired by seeing emerging designers at work and through working with my students at Whitehouse Institute of Design.



When: Sunday 26th May 2013

Time: 2pm

Where: Level 4, 211 Chapel Street Prahran

Cost: $249 plus bf

Book your place at

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