The Cannes International Film Festival is in its 66th dazzling year, celebrating cinema from all around the globe. L’Oreal Paris are, once again, proud sponsors of the festival and supporters of the film industry. In honour of the event, the beauty brand has created L’Or Sunset, a makeup range specifically for Cannes that aims to reflect its elegance and magic.

L’Oreal Paris’ ambassadors are amongst the most talented and beautiful in the artistic world and have hit the Cannes red carpet to showcase the brand and support its sponsorship of the event. The famous faces representing L’Oreal at Cannes 2013 include Freida Pinto, Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Aimee Mullins, Leila Bekhti, Hugh Laurie, Jane Fonda, Liya Kebede and Megan Gale.

Couturing brings you the inside goss on the Famous Faces of L’Oreal.

Doutzen Kroes


Kroes is a highly sought-after Dutch model and charity advocate. She is the face of Colour Riche lipsticks and the Lumi Magique range, as well as the new L’Or Sunset collection. Kroes’ ethereal beauty shines through in the latest campaign wearing gold sparkly nail polish, Super Line and earthy based eyeshadows. L’oreal Paris says Kroes makes a great addition to their team of spokespeople because of “her style, stunning looks and youthful spirit”. Kroes says she is “inspired by L’Oreal’s vision” and feels “honoured to work with famous actresses and creative people”. On Cannes, she puts it simply, revealing it is “a fairytale experience”.

Megan Gale 


Megan Gale is a model, actor, TV host and swimwear designer, as well as the first Australian ambassador based in Australia for L’Oreal. Gale was “absolutely thrilled” to become an ambassador after growing up with L’Oreal products. She appreciates the brand slogan because it “means that everyone should be proud of who they are and celebrate this”. She elaborates by revealing it means “you’re worth spending money on, you’re worth pampering and looking after”. Gale was honoured to represent the brand at Cannes alongside a “distinguished and diverse group” of fellow L’Oreal spokesmodels.

Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria, best known for her role on Desperate Housewives, is considered a style icon due to her on-trend red carpet style.  Carol J. Hamilton, president of L’Oreal Paris, says of the former model, that while Eva is beautiful, “it’s her energy, heart and spirit that truly reflect the values of L’Oreal Paris.” Longoria seconds this when asked about being an ambassador for the brand, as “L’Oreal is one of the few companies that really reflect [her] values”. The actress feels honoured and excited to be part of such a “diverse group” of spokespeople and to represent the philosophy of “Because I’m Worth it”. This legendary motto “goes hand in hand with who [Longoria] is as a person”. As a global ambassador for L’Oreal since 2005, the star has represented the Smooth-Intense hair collection, Color Appeal and recently Men’s Expert products. Longoria loves representing L’Oreal at Cannes because they “both represent class and glamour”.

Aimee Mullins

aimee mullin

Aimee Mullins is an inspiring American Olympic athlete, model, actress and amputee. The star is the face of L’Oreal’s True Match range. For Mullins, working with a beauty brand is incredibly personal and with L’Oreal she says she “gets to be Aimee Mullins, model. No qualifier. And that means everything”. Mullins truly believes in the “Because I’m Worth It” tagline because “beauty is not skin-deep; it is a means of self-affirmation, personality and confidence”. L’Oreal chose the star as an ambassador because “She embodies perfectly the L’Oreal Paris woman being sublime, charismatic and strong”. Karen T Fondu, President of L’Oreal, emphatically declares that there is no better representative for the “Because You’re Worth It” motto than the “remarkable woman”, Aimee Mullins.

Leila Bekhti


Leila Bekhti is a rising star of French cinema and an ambassador of L’Oreal since 2011. The actress represents the Accord Parfait range. Bekhti was chosen due to both her “beauty, charisma and strong personality” that make her the perfect spokeswoman. To Behkti, the infamous tagline “Because you’re worth it” is a dream come true and is “about proclaiming your identity…and your personal vision of beauty”.

Freida Pinto


The beautiful actress known for her role in film Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto is another representative of L’Oreal. For Pinto, being an ambassador of the brand “comes naturally” because she’s always used L’Oreal products. She values the line “because I’m worth it” as “it’s the ultimate affirmation of self confidence and empowerment”. L’Oreal chose the star to become the face of Color Riche Lipsticks and the Elvive Nutri Gloss Haircare range because she is “talented, generous, radiant and the incarnation of the Indian dream”. Pinto greatly enjoys representing L’Oreal at Cannes because “it celebrates film, glamour, style and fashion…it’s an extension of the whole glamour industry”.

Jane Fonda 


Jane Fonda is a famous Hollywood actress and the face of L’Oreal Age Perfect. As an older actress, the star loves the company because they chose her “not in spite of [her] age but because of [her] age”. L’Oreal believes Fonda is a great ambassador for Age Perfect, designed specifically for women over sixty, because of her charismatic beauty. The actress agrees because “somebody’s got to give a face to getting old”, Ultimately, she proves her faith in the brand as she believes “every woman deserves to take care of herself, because she’s worth it”. A regular at Cannes, Fonda loves being able to represent L’Oreal there because it is “a wonderful company”.

Liya Kebede 

Liya-Kebede L

Liya Kebede is an Ethiopian actress, model and designer who believes “L’Oreal Paris embraces the beauty and unique personality of each woman” . The star regards Cannes as an “incredible moment” that brings incredible people together. She finds it “interesting to be part of the beauty brand that sponsors it” as she “loves the relationship that L’Oréal Paris has with cinema”. Kebede chose to involve herself with L’Oreal because “they appreciate beauty in a very individual way”. L’Oreal reflects Kebede’s personality which she feels pleased to share with women across the world. She feels honoured to be a spokesmodel of a brand that is represented by “interesting women who are passionate and hardworking”. Fondu, President of L’Oreal Paris chose Kebede for her strength, courage and enchanting beauty as well as her commitment to women’s wellbeing.

Images courtesy of L’Oreal Paris 

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