Tell us a bit about the premise of One Hot Yoga and how you started it?

One is the marriage of a yogi and an architect – literally! I married one of the world’s most talented and passionate designers of residential spaces, and we started a conversation about the slow fade of the sacred from modern life. Rob is acutely attuned to the effect architecture has on people, and so he was perfectly placed to create a contemporary, secular sanctuary. We wanted every aspect of the design to support the practice, with a sense of peace being created by the materials, which are solid and natural, the colour, the proportions and volumes. And most importantly, the heat – we have a unique low energy hydronic heating system and a fresh air exchange, so the room always feels velvety and tropical, but fresh, with our signature scent adding a subtle spiciness. The temperature is essential – 37ºC, which is the internal temperature of the body. When you spend time in the room, you gradually melt into the space – the sense of yourself ending at your skin and then everything else being “other” begins to dissolve. This is the essence of yoga – experiencing “oneness”. It is quite blissful, and available to anyone who practices regularly.

One Hot Yoga founder, Lucinda Mills

How does One Hot Yoga differ from other run of the mill yoga and Pilates studios?

We offer only the most effective, most nourishing movement systems that go beyond exercise, and even beyond mindfulness, to help you experience meaning. Slow Hot Flow at 37ºC is our signature method of Meaningful Movement. When combined with Hot Mat and Reformer Pilates, clients build an inner strength and clarity that promotes flourishing in all aspects of life. Big talk, I know. We think we can back it up. Come and find out what sweating through to your soul feels like!


For those that may be a bit apprehensive about going to one of your classes, what are the benefits of working out in a warmer room?

Well working back from my previous lofty claims of enlightenment and inner peace, there are lots of other reasons to practice hot yoga. Heat is a neuro-muscular relaxant. Your body and mind just immediately assume you are on holiday, and shed all that pent-up, low level anxiety. By the end of the class, you will have worked pretty hard and sweat quite a lot, and you will get the rush of endorphins as a reward. Because yoga teaches non-reactivity, you may find yourself with a little more space before you react to things that have previously annoyed or angered you in the past. And you’ll improve mobility, strength, balance and weight normalisation too. Hot yoga can also be amazing for your skin – just make sure you remove your make up before class.

How important is it to keep wellness and fitness top of mind?

I wouldn’t put it top of mind, probably mid-mind, along with finances. It’s just something you don’t want to blow out, but if you can’t prioritize it right now, that’s ok. It’s such a fun time of year to connect with friends and family and make memories. Keep eating your veggies, keep moving, even if it’s dancing with friends, and go easy on the day drinking. Still floss every night.

Generally, what do you think are the top things one can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

This is such an interesting question, and there are a lot of people asking it and doing the research, which is summed up as; don’t smoke; probably don’t drink much if at all; look after your mental health with meditation, gratitude and good networks of friends, family and colleagues; walk as much as you can every day; think about your safety, be sunsmart, and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegies. So, prevention first, then early detection is key to getting good outcomes from things we can’t prevent. Find a good GP and be proactive about your health.

Lastly, I think it helps to love your work, because then you don’t worry about work/life balance, you just laugh every day of your life with great people who are aligned with your values, working together to create good.


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