One Hot Yoga & Pilates is the hottest new pilates studio to open in Melbourne. Situated at 48 River Street South Yarra, only a stone’s throw away from Chapel Street this beautiful and architecturally designed new studio is a must visit. The welcoming foyer sets the tone for your relaxing yet effective workout. The two new pilates rooms hold just enough reformer beds for good size classes while the instructor is able to assist in reaching your fitness goals.

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As an office worker, I can completely understand that we often feel short on time and tend to neglect ourselves when other pressures take over. We need to take back this time and reward our bodies. After this simple stretching based class that is reformer pilates you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. The team at One Hot Yoga & Pilates, will tailor exercises to your level and provide options that best suit you on the day. The reformer beds help optimise and isolate those muscles we all neglect for strength and tone. The beds can be adjusted for varied resistance levels, so it’s up to you how much you push yourselves. Perhaps start low and work your way up as you improve fitness and strength.

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Recently I visited the team for the opening of One Hot Yoga & Pilates’ new reformer pilates rooms. We were able to experience the class with a great instructor, Phoebe. It was a new type of exercise for some of us, yet we all left feeling great. After such an uplifting workout an essential clean eating lunch of roasted vegetable salad was served by Feast of Merit. What a wonderful way to look after your body and prepare for the week ahead.

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Classes are held throughout the day, so whether you are an early bird or a night owl there will be a class for you. Check out their website for classes and memberships.

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