New Year’s Day is often spent restlessly trying to sleep off the effects of a big night out or nursing a thumping headache. The first day of the new year doesn’t necessarily have to be spent with the curtains drawn and a box of Panadol next to your bed. We’ve done a bit of research and put together a list of the best hangover remedies that will see you seizing the first day of 2013.



For decades now, many party-goers maintain the strong belief that the best way to get rid a hangover is to wake up and have just one more drink.  The potion of choice? The Bloody Mary. It is said that the body begins to forget about the alcohol that is already in your system as it begins to recognise the new alcohol that you are consuming, making the effects of last night’s drinking less obvious. This, along with the vitamins and minerals that tomato juice contains might just make for the perfect hangover cure. 


–       30ml Vodka

–       90ml Tomato juice

–       Juice of half a fresh lemon

–       Dash of Tabasco sauce

–       5-10ml Worcestershire sauce

–       Pinch of salt and pepper

–       1 celery stalk



–       Combine all of the ingredients into a large glass with ice.

–       Stir well with the celery stalk.



The thought of drinking pickle juice would curdle anyone’s tummy, even when you’re not hungover, but the good people of Poland believe in the success of this hangover remedy. Pickle juice contains a heavy dose of sodium, which after being consumed, allows your body to retain much more water than it would have been able to beforehand. Basically, your body is able to rehydrate itself at a much quicker rate, ultimately minimizing the effects of a hangover because of the dehydration. Sounds logical enough – if you can stomach pickle juice on an already queasy tummy.


Loss of electrolytes due to alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons why we get the dreaded hangover, so drinking water isn’t always enough replenishment for our bodies. Before kicking off your heels or ripping off your tie and then crawling into bed, try quickly guzzling down a Berroca. A Berroca will give your body the electrolytes that it has lost throughout your night of celebrations.

But for those of you who may not remember to do this before the night’s end, sports drinks are another option to get your necessary boost of electrolytes the following day. Sip on a Gatorade or a Powerade throughout New Year’s day and you will slowly, but surely, feel your health returning to its natural order.



A cup of peppermint tea as soon as you wake up on New Year’s day helps the body to detoxify quicker than normal. Your body will already be trying to get rid of all of the bad toxins that you’ve put into it that night, but peppermint tea will speed this process up, getting you on your way to feeling like your healthier self. 


Your body might be tricking you into thinking that it needs a greasy burger or bacon and eggs in the morning to make you feel better, but this will actually have the opposite effect on your hangover. Yes, you might feel great whilst you’re devouring a bowl of deep fried chips, but afterwards you will be feeling even more sluggish and tired. Drinking alcohol deprives the body of potassium, which can leave us with that sick feeling the next day. As we know, bananas are naturally rich in potassium so they are one of the best things to eat after a big night out. This remedy might not give you an instant fix, but once the potassium has been replaced in your body you will start to feel the positive effects.


Now that you know how to kick a hangover in the butt, enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations!


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