mulled wine

With the mercury dropping, at a fairly rapid rate in Melbourne, it’s time to say goodbye to peachy Pinot Gris and Rose on balmy summer afternoons. Instead, it would be far more appropriate to warm the soul and body with a warm tipple. The one currently at the forefront of the mind is mulled wine, which you may also see around as ‘gluhwein’, the German or Austrian way of calling it.

Mulled wine is pretty straight forward, take some spices (cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg are commonly used) and fruit, boil it on the stove, then add some red wine and simmer through. What you are left with is a warm, spicier version of a sangria, the fruits and the spice taking the alcoholic edge off the wine, adding a sweetness instead. It is a lovely drink to cup one’s hands around and slowly sip in a cosy gathering of friends.

mulled wine 1

If you are not so adventurous to try making it at home yourself, you can try mulled wine at one of the following bars instead…

Bar Nancy
61 High Street

Riverland Bar
Vaults 1-9 Federation Wharf/Federation Square

Rhone Wine & Tapas
125 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park

Sister Bella
22 Drewery Place

Cabinet Bar & Balcony
Rainbow Alley

Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick Street

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