Melbourne is the city of diverse culture, exuberant flavours and of course, wild weather. Michelle Luckman is the face behind Melbourne’s fresh new business Lucky Pops. Luckman breaks away from such typical flavours as cola or lemonade to specialise in unmistakably gourmet tastes. Luckypops is currently taking Melbourne’s summer events by storm, having arrived just in time for Australia’s extreme heat. Michelle’s many exotic, creative flavours include the likes of strawberry and balsamic, avocado and lime, and even boozy ‘poptails’ such as, Japanese sweet plum with umeshu, and pina colada, yum!

Michelle not only designs her own flavours, she makes Lucky Pops from scratch, and  juggles a full-time job alongside her highly successful and recognized business. Lucky Pops has been showcased on websites and in magazines alike, all of which hail Michelle as a beacon of commercial brilliance. And despite the pressure of time management, Michelle happily caters to customers and attends a multitude of Melbourne’s exclusive events selling her famous gourmet icy poles.

Couturing interviewed Michelle on her success and what makes a Lucky Pop really pop!

LENA: Where did it all begin?

MICHELLE: I saw a Website of a company in Sydney, then did some research and noticed there were heaps of similar companies in the U.S but nothing in Melbourne. So I mentioned it to a friend in a bar and she talked me into going for it.

LENA: Why icy poles?

MICHELLE: Easy to eat out and about plus they look cool.

LENA: Where does your flavour inspiration come from?

MICHELLE: Desserts and drinks that I like. My flavours aren’t traditional, so if I hear of something interesting I just try it out. If I discover a nice ingredient I research how I can turn it into a popsicle. Also cultural inspiration from places like Mexico and Japan have given me heaps of ideas.

LENA: What has been the response so far to Lucky Pops?

MICHELLE: Really great, positive and overwhelming. I have been getting so many event requests that I almost can’t keep up. I have had a lot of support and encouragement from friends, family and strangers alike.

LENA: Plans for the future?

MICHELLE: For the next summer or two I am going to keep doing my push cart stand and stocking some cafes. Eventually I would like a small shop front. But that will probably be a few years off.

LENA: Where do you operate from? Do you have a Lucky Pops laboratory?

MICHELLE: I cook out of a kitchen called My Other Kitchen in Bentleigh. It’s like a business incubator for food businesses.

LENA: Where can we find Lucky Pops?

MICHELLE: I post regularly to my Facebook and twitter pages about my whereabouts for the week. My website will be released early in the new year and that will also have details about other ‘soon to be stockists’ such as cafes.

LENA: Will Lucky Pops only be available in summer or can we look forward to some yummy winter flavours too?

MICHELLE: Mainly in summer. My operational months are from November till march, however there will be the odd event here or there over the cooler months.

LENA: How do children enjoy Lucky Pops compared to your standard school-yard canteen icy pole?

MICHELLE: Really well actually. I didn’t know how they would go with the unusual flavours, but I actually had a few kids last night really enjoy avocado and lime because ‘it’s green like monsters and creamy like ice cream’. I thought that was a really cool description. I asked that boy if he wanted to be my sales assistant.

LENA: What are your favourite flavours? 

MICHELLE: That question is like asking a parent who there favorite child is. So in that case, avocado and lime, or toasted coconut.


If you would like to know more about Michelle Luckman and her amazing Lucky Pops, visit:

Images by Sara Hayat

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