Having studied at a fashion school in London for six months, London Fashion Week is the fashion event I most look forward to. During the week, designers present sassy, innovative and just plain cool collections. There were many stand out designers on the runway but these are Couturing’s top 6 style faves!


Tom Ford presented feminine looks. However, all had a darker, sexed up appeal. The tuxedo jackets, low v-cut singlets, sleek boots and sparkles of metallics made Ford’s new collection reminiscent of his days at Gucci. Models sported powerful colours such as red and purple which were contrasted against all black outfits. Many looks included fur and silk. The best part of the show- the bedazzling! This was seen in the stand out, fully sequinned sports tee-dresses. The words “Tom Ford” and letters “61” boldly printed across the front reflecting a sports jersey! Feminine seduction was the name of this game!

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 10.42.59 PM


The brilliant Christopher Kane made a statement of boy meets girl. Beautifully sculptured dresses were mixed with dainty organza and awesomely cool PVC.  The collection was made from a colour pallet of black, white and soft pink. Already a must have colour on the high street, Kane will make pink even be coveted. PVC was the most used fabric in the collection, creating that real London edge. He made dresses, bomber jackets, culottes, skirts and cropped vests out of the material. It was also prettily added to the ends of sleeves, to make pockets and on dress trimmings.  The collection met boy through the sloped shouldered jackets paired with tailored school boy pants- reminiscent of London’s traditional Saville Road suits. Towards the end, the collection met girl through sculptured,  rectangular dresses. The unique angles of the dresses painted an image of graceful book pages. Kane again brings new design techniques, shapes and aesthetics to his customer.

Christopher Kane 1


The queen of prints created fashion magic! The showcase was saturated in worldly symbols reflective of many different periods throughout history. A grecian theme began the collection complete with grecian pleats and prints which look as if they tell an ancient story.  The prints then shifted to a Russian renaissance style. Like stepping into an art gallery, colours became royally rich, with autumn navy, teal green, pink, dark purple, orange and yellow. A multiple coloured, symbol print shift was a stand out. The shapes of the collection were sporty and wearable. Dresses were sleek and shift like, skirts had a cool uneven hemline and matching print suits were flirty, yet streamlined.  The love for Mary and her out of this world prints will no doubt continue.

MK 1


Similar to Mary Katrantzou, Pilotto is also known for his eye- catching prints and colourful silhouettes. Pilloto understands that simple and practical shapes are the way to make his pieces wearable. These shapes included fit and flair dresses, round shoulders, straight-cut overcoats, boxy jackets, midi-shift dresses with asymmetrical hemlines and beautiful, draped scarfs. The fabrics of choice were fur, mesh, knit and wool. The prints featured show a feminine Asian element. Criss-cross and angular shaped prints remind of origami.



When it comes to being fashion forward and on top of trends, Topshop never really fails. Topshop Unique did preppy school girl to a tee! With a 60’s mod vibe you could easily see Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Spiderman’s, Mary Jane, wearing each and every one of these outfits. Boots were a feature of the collection- ankle boots, midi boots and the best of the show, thigh high boots. Showing just a touch of leg, long boots were paired with cute mini winter shorts and skirts. Faux fur, suede and knit will take Topshop buyers into the winter time. Dresses were also paired over white collared shirts creating a sassy office look. School gets amped with Topshop Unique.


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