She has one of the most enviable bods in the business, making former beauty queen Rachael Finch the perfect ambassador for Impressed Juices, an exciting new range of cold pressed juices. We caught up with Finch to get the lowdown on her new role, and to find out her secrets to getting the perfect body.


Congratulations on being named the new Ambassador for Impressed Juices. How did your involvement with the brand come about?

The idea of Impressed Juices came from the desire for Australians to have the luxury of purchasing good quality and nutritious beverages that come at a fair price, without taking the good vitamins and nutrients away. We are becoming increasingly wary of fruits and vegetables that are either grown or processed overseas therefore sourcing products from our local farmers is very important to me.

How involved were you in the process of selecting the flavours of each juice?

I wanted to create flavours that appeal to the busy every day Australian. As co-creator of Impressed Juices, I brainstormed and researched flavours and combinations with the team. I was heavily involved in the trial and development of the cold pressing technique. It’s exciting to help develop a delicious range of juices that is improving people’s health and supporting local farmers with their fresh Aussie produce.

What sets Impressed Juices apart from other juices on the market?

Impressed Juices are 100% made from Australian fresh quality herbs, fruits and vegetables sourced directly from local farms. Not only that, but Impressed Juices are cold pressed and never heated treated. To make the juices safe to drink and provide longer shelf life than other pressed juices, we high pressure test each bottle which involves dropping them in cold water and applying high pressure. This destroys bacteria without affecting the quality of the product. And it means the juices can be purchased at supermarkets, making them accessible for everyone.

Which juice from the range are you most likely to reach for on the go?

I absolutely love Ginger Ninja! The combination of ginger and carrot is heaven. Not only is the carrot and ginger an aromatic match, the addition of apple and turmeric flavouring adds a great hit to the taste buds. The use of local Australian produce and cold pressing technique adds to the deliciousness and health benefits of each juice and intensifies the natural flavours.


When did you begin to make health and fitness an important priority in your life?

I’ve played sport since I was 3 so movement feels very natural to me. I love doing anything that challenges my body and makes me feel amazing. I crave that feeling of jumping out of bed with loads of energy and I like knowing that I’m doing all I can to combat illness and disease. Over the last 5-10 years I’ve really focused on getting in touch with my body – understanding what it likes and doesn’t like, and what lifestyle factors it responds well to. I’ve learnt simplicity is key – overcomplicating everything from food to fitness becomes messy and is unnecessary.

What do you allow yourself to indulge in?

I’m the queen of indulgence. My number one is a massage – I like to have one every week/ fortnight when it fits into my schedule. I also enjoy taking baths at home when Violet is napping or going to see a movie with my husband. Even a quiet 20 minutes on my balcony in the sun with my lunch is heaven. Food wise – sweet potato fries and chocolate.

You live such a busy life. How do you unwind?

The first thing I do when I get home from a massive day is shower, get into track pants and my husband’s shirt and lay my legs up against the wall. I find this releases tension and pressure from my legs and allows blood to flow to my heart easier.


Upon having Violet how did your workout/eating habits change?

Violet is with me most of the time so I incorporate a lot of my fitness and eating time in with her. If I make a smoothie, I’ll make her one too and we’ll drink it on the couch together. She basically eats everything I eat – vegetables/salad, fruit, fish, chicken, nuts, wholegrains. We eat dinner at the table every night and I love taking her for a power walk in the pram. If she is napping I’ll do a circuit style workout at home with a skipping rope and other pieces.

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle when you travel so often?

It’s just about thinking ahead. If I know I’ll be on planes or in transit I’ll plan my meals and make something from home or my hotel to take with me. I always ask for no sauces or excess salt when ordering room service and drink extra water when in the air. I was really excited about getting Impressed juices into Woolies nationally because I know that I’ve got access to a good quality drink in most places.

What exciting things do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

The end of the year is my busiest time, I love it! I work on the Spring Racing Carnival coverage with Channel 7 and also report at the Brownlow awards night. I work on Nova over the summer break doing breakfast radio and there are some other fun projects I’m working on also which I’ll always share on my social channels.

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