After working in the architecture world for 20 years,  Susan Driver decided to make the move into jewellery design and boy are we happy! Her unique designs are perfect for the modern woman. Clean, minimal with just amount of character.

We caught up with inspiring creative to find out more about her hammered mens wedding rings, label, design process and how she likes to style her beautiful pieces.

We love your beautiful designs! After spending 20 years in the architecture industry, how did you get into jewellery making?

I always had gold smithing in my head, there is a well-known Brisbane artist Barbara Heath who produces beautiful pieces and I had always admired her work. I think there a significant overlaps between architecture and jewellery. It is all design and construct.

How has your background in architecture inspired your designs?

I keep coming back to structure and finish. I like to build so often pull back on my pieces to simplify them but then let go on one off pieces I don’t need to replicate.

You are very hands on with creating your pieces. Can you tell us the process you undertake to bring your designs to life from an initial concept/idea?

I begin with concepts which I then deconstruct to nut out the elements. I might play with these ideas or put it back together so it is more literal, which is what I have done with the upcoming AYU collection. Then I make samples from sketches to check the construct then finals. It does evolve along the way.

Who would you love to see in your designs?

Everyone! Then I think how amazing to see someone like Cate Blanchett with her unique style, or someone building their style direction like Margot Robbie. I would love to see them alongside other Australian designers like Ellery.

It’s fantastic to see that your label supports The Adventure Project. Why is the work of this inspiring organisation important to you?

I deeply admire the work of Becky Straw and Jody Landers. Their charity brings hope, builds education, builds not just local economies but gives people identities. So much that can easily be taken for granted. They were so surprised and grateful when I phoned them to see if I could link them on the site and I am just a tiny, tiny drop in the ocean but hope to bring awareness any way possible.

How do you like to style your Susan Driver pieces?

Our pieces range from the everyday to statement pieces. I see them on taking on different roles from classic, minimal daywear to quirky risky evening wear. I myself will choose from a pair of the simple studs from the Bloom Collection and the Classic fine rings to completely stacking everything – multiple necklaces from Atoll and Bloom and chunking Bloom rings upon rings when heading out to dinner or an event.

What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

Back yourself and make a yearly budget, check your monthly budget and be honest with yourself.

What exciting things do you have planned for 2016?

I have spent the last year and a half building and honing the brand. I am very clear now on who the Susan Driver woman is and what she wants. 2016 is about reaching out to her and making sure we are delivering to her a style, service and quality she can’t resist.

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