We at Couturing have known about the Mister Mode Fashion Night Markets for some time and we had to share this unique event with you all. Whether you need to go shopping for a statement piece, have a drink or listen to a DJ rockin’ out Mister Mode is definitely the place to go, but rather all of us harp on about it, we thought we could interview the owner and founder, Tish Tambakau and see what she has to say for herself!


First of all, what is Mister Mode Night Market? (Tell us briefly about it, also how many you have had)

Mister Mode is a Fashion Night Market targeted at Melbourne’s fashion, lifestyle and social savvy community. The Mister Mode event creates a friendly ambient atmosphere where fashionites and creative minds can come together to meet, mingle and shop! The Mister Mode brand was born to embody a cool vibe with a manly swag, and a powerful essence of your personal individuality.


Our upcoming event on the 10th of December will be our 3rd event so far since the birth of Mister Mode Fashion Night Market in October 2010. Mister Mode’s essence revolves around how we continuously try to push the boundaries to create a bigger and better event whilst bringing everyone along for the experience.


Why is it different? What has been the response by attendees? 

We are slightly different from other markets as we mix all of Melbourne’s best elements into one, where fashion, music and lifestyle come together to create Mister Mode. Located in a warehouse in South Yarra, we provide a bar, live music & DJ’s, and a new shopping experience like no other.


The response has been great, all the Mister Mode attendees are excited about the concept of mixing the market with best aspects of Melbourne’s nightlife. I have also gotten great feedback post-event of all the great bargains and key pieces of clothing and accessories that they were able to find at Mister Mode. It’s gratifying to see friends sporting an awesome statement piece and then hear them say, “I got this at Mister Mode!”


How have you found the combination of live music, drinking and shopping? 

Being able to mix music and drinking in a cool venue space is part of the philosophy that created Mister Mode. It creates a great atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable to take their time to search for hidden treasures as well as mingle with friends and new faces.


The norm of a market is to go, hunt and shop. But at Mister Mode, we want everyone to be able enjoy the night and get submerged in this experience and everything it has to offer.


Tell us about a few of the stories/finds you can expect from Mister-Mode. 

Mister Mode fashion night Market has a variety of stalls for both men and women ranging from preloved, vintage and new fashion pieces. We also have a range of up & coming local designers showcasing their accessories line which one may not find anywhere else! The initial idea of Mister Mode was to address the major concern of Melbourne fashionistas, and that’s the huge cost of fashion and style. In our market, nothing is priced above $49 to ensure everyone can find a piece to suit his or her own individual style.



Tell us a little about Tish. What is your day job, why did you start MM? 


I work full time as a suit in a digital Advertising company. I got into Advertising through my love for graphic design but somehow found myself in a role that suited my organizational and communication skills.



The first Mister Mode Fashion Night Market event was launched as an RMIT University project with two other girls, Lucy Fay and Millie Bourke. The response of the event went so well that we decided to continue doing it. But with graduation and the start of full time jobs, Mister Mode sat on the back burner for a while. This year, I got approached by the Tripomatica team to be apart of their warehouse party back in September (read about ithere.) This represented an opportunity to bring Mister Mode back, fully rejuvenated and with a mission set in mind. From there on, it has been an amazing journey meeting bloggers, magazine editors, and other industry names. Why I brought Mister Mode back, is simply because I love the concept of what was created. I also run all the graphic design for Mister Mode so it is a mixture of what I love and where my trained skillset is. On top of that, it brings me a great joy to be able to share it with other fashionites in Melbourne.


Who are Tish’s style icons? 

My style icons are individuals that are able to embody their own persona into what they wear. Like when someone says, “Oh Thom, that piece is so you” or when someone can identify who you are from a distance by what you wear. I love designers that incorporate a bit of hardness and edge into their look, so of course, Alexander Wang and Gareth Pugh are on my list. But I also love Sass & Bide for their choice and mixture of colours and shapes. A local style icon that I admire is Micah Gianelli from Raww blog. She has her own unique style that is owned by her and her only, and I think that is attractive on its own.


Must have item for summer that you will surely find at MM? 

Well, there is one thing we can assure you that you will find at Mister Mode, and that is statement pieces! Most of the items that you can find at the Mister Mode Fashion Night Market are one of a kind bargains to create or complement your summer look. Its hard to define a ‘must have summer item’ with all the different personalities and styles that we attract, but essentially, you will be able to find pieces to suit any occasion or any season. So do expect to find standout pieces that no one else has for your fashion pleasure.






The next Mister Mode Fashion Night Market is Saturday 10th of December at the Oak Place Warehouse from 6pm to Midnight. See you there!

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Thom Whilton

Thom Whilton is co-Founder and current Creative Director of Couturing.com. He has been published in a variety of publications for his written and styling work. Thom has been featured in Vogue.com.au, Weekend Weekly, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, M Magazine, The Vine and Everguide to name just a few. Thom was also Ambassador for the City of Melbourne (2012) has styled for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (2012) and his work has featured in Couturing and MX Magazine. He has also styled celebrities such as Delilah (Warner Music, supported Prince in tour), Nadia Coppolino and Silvana Lovin-Philoppousis.

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