Sue Di Chio launched Suboo as a designer beach umbrella brand in 2007. Things snowballed from there when Harper’s Bazaar jumped on the band wagon and hailed the Suboo umbrella as the must-have fashion accessory.

A growing fanbase lead to the brand’s expansion into women’s resort apparel and accessories, and 2012 saw the launch of the highly acclaimed Ready-to-Wear line at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney. Suboo then hit the shores of Miami and was touted as the next “IT” swim brand.

Today, with its uniquely antipodean aesthetic, the label embodies casual chic. Suboo devotees have come to love the effortless, feminine styles that have defined the collections of kaftans, dresses, tops, pants, capes, swimwear and cocktail dresses.

“We have a loyal Australian and international following who want more from us, the brand will continue to evolve and grow and I’m excited by the journey ahead”, says Sue Di Chio.

The designer captures the essence of the Suboo brand philosophy thus, “Whether by a sandy shore, sipping cocktails on a lawn, weekend wine touring or gallery exploring, Suboo collections translate the complexities of high fashion into the everyday”.

Thara: Describe the Suboo girl. What makes Suboo her number one choice?

Sue: The Suboo girl is not afraid of colour or prints. She likes feminine styles without too many frills and appreciates uncomplicated, strong lines. Suboo is her go-to because she appreciates how we don’t follow specific trends, we go against the high street chains!

Thara: Is there a story behind the beginnings of Suboo as a designer beach umbrella label? Why did you choose that particular product as a starting point?

Sue: Suboo began as a hobby and umbrellas were a fun and different entry into the market.

Thara: When did you realize Suboo had potential to expand into clothing? Will there be any other terrain you will be breaking into in the future?

Sue: We just happened to strike a chord with the fashionable customer, so it made sense to explore the potential. First we expanded into accessories, and then beach wear. Ready-to-wear seemed like the next big step, so we pushed it further and haven’t looked back. Who knows what will be next!

Thara: Suboo is described as “synonymous for clean lines, original prints and designs that evoke a sense of appreciation”. What inspires your designs to have this particular aesthetic?

Sue: I’ve always been drawn to strong contrasts, angles, symmetry and cubism. You’ll find a lot of that in our silhouettes and prints.

Check out Suboo’s newest line to hit the streets – “A Place in the Sun”. The 2012/13 SS Collection pays homage to the exquisite photography of the famous Slim Aarons. Under a bright and beaming sky, his photographs capture a glimpse of a lifestyle that embodies the Suboo philosophy. The diverse styles are united by a common theme of timeless elegance that transcends trends and celebrates a lifestyle of dressing for pleasure and leisure.

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*Images courtesy of Suboo.com.au

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