It would be easy to be threatened by Jennifer Hawkins. The former Miss Universe, has proven to be more than just a pretty face successfully developing a career as a designer, entrepreneur, model and TV Host. However, Hawkins is disarmingly friendly. She comes across as your typical girl-next-door (albeit a smoking hot one!), very relatable and down to earth.

I was lucky enough to interview Hawkins after the news of her re-signing with Loveable. She recently fronted their new Bestie’s campaign which celebrates beautiful, bright lingerie and friendship.

LISA: Congratulations on resigning with Lovable! Choosing the right labels to work with is important for your brand. Why do you think Lovable is a great fit for you?

JENNIFER: Thank you!

It’s terrific that Lovable and I are continuing our relationship. I’m very excited about it actually. Lovable is a cheeky, playful brand that also has a sophisticated side, so we mesh well. The product is reliable and comfortable so I love wearing it.

I’m proud to be their Ambassador!

LISA: Your latest campaign for Lovable is for the new ‘Besties’ collection. What do you love about this new range? 

JENNIFER: I loved shooting the ‘Besties’ campaign – such a creative concept – it was cool to do something different! ‘Besties’ are comfortable, a little cheeky, and such a fun, colourful collection, women will love them.

LISA: With so many lingerie brands on the market, what makes Lovable stand out?

JENNIFER: Yes, there a lot of lingerie brands out there. I think Lovable is so popular because women know it is affordable but also that they have such a variety of products; Sexy lingerie, fun playful sets like the ‘Besties’ range, PJ’s and maternity bras. The materials and fabrics are beautiful, so they are very comfortable!

LISA: Why do you think every woman should own beautiful lingerie?

JENNIFER: Lingerie can make you feel very sexy, and confident. Especially a matching set. That’s why I love beautiful lingerie.


LISA: After starting out in modeling, you’ve since hosted TV shows and have recently ventured into your own business lines designing your own swimwear line (COZI by Jennifer Hawkins) and shoeline (JLH by Jennifer Hawkins)? Have you always been interested in the creative side of fashion and what does it mean to you to see your designs and inspirations come to life?

JENNIFER: It’s been a crazy ride.

Winning Miss Universe was incredible, the whole experience. I was thrust into the world of lights, camera action! I loved the television side of things and wore the most incredible clothes, so my love for the industry grew- especially the fashion side of things!

I always wanted to dabble in property and I got such a buzz from doing so that it created curiosity to go out and start my own business’. Cozi was my first project – I really enjoyed the whole design process and the hard work put in to making sure the brand was successful really paid off. This lead me to expand within fashion and design, so I started up my shoe collection, JLH for Siren.  I have since gone out on my own with the collection now branded as JLH by Jennifer Hawkins. To be honest Cozi and JLH were my passion projects, so to see how much they have evolved and grown is insane. I’m very grateful!

LISA:  The fashion and entertainment industry is very competitive. What advice do you have for those trying to break into the industry today?

JENNIFER: I really believe if it is meant to be it’ll be, but if you get an opportunity, make the most of it! Make a plan, make goals and try and achieve them.

Jennifer_Hawkins_Lovable_SS10_04LISA:  Since winning Miss Universe in 2004, you have continued to succeed in the notoriously fickle fashion and entertainment industry. Why do you think you have managed to be successful where others have not?

JENNIFER: That’s a hard one, I just run my own race. I work hard for my companies and for the companies I represent. If I go into a relationship/contract, I treat it like a partnership. I definitely have a strong view of who I am and what I will and wont do, but in any ‘relationship’ there has to be compromise- It is important to as a team. But … I like to have fun along the way or why do it!?;)

LISA: Designing, modeling, traveling, hosting – some people would say you’ve living the dream! 

JENNIFER: Well… It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I certainly feel very blessed and very grateful for the position I’m in.

LISA: What do you love most about what you do ?

JENNIFER: I love designing COZI and JLH, it’s really rewarding! Shooting campaigns, magazine editorials and walking the catwalk is unreal -It’s exhilarating!  Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, so when I get to travel for work it’s wonderful! I just got back from shooting in South Africa for Myer and the Maldives for Grazia/ Harper’s – they were both ‘pinch me’ moments!  I really like giving my time and using my position to bring awareness to some charities important to me so I work with The Butterfly Foundation, Make a Wish, RSPCA, and HCRF (patron). It’s nice to help in a small way.

LISA: What exciting things do you have coming up this year? 

JENNIFER: August and September has been craziness!

I have the Besties’ Lovable launch coming up, the Lovable Fashion Festival parade and Myer’s Summer Collections Launch parade both in one week.

It’s an exhilarating feeling being on the catwalk so I’m looking forward to the events. (will also be hitting the Pilates studio hard!) Jake has just finished building our house so I’m starting on the interiors right now. I can’t wait to see it completed!

I also launched JLH by Jennifer Hawkins on the 24th of August, now that I have gone out on my own. I’m super excited about going out on my own with JLH. I enjoyed designing three ranges for Siren, but my SS’12 range is my first independent season. The dream! The support for JLH has been incredible and I am really excited for my customers to see this latest collection.

I’m heading to LA for a work commitment (Mount Franklin, lightly sparkling) after that.

We started organizing our wedding in September. I am SO excited! I also want to take my family away on a little getaway. It’s a busy two months but I’m pumped!


It’s hard not to get caught up in Hawkins’ infectious enthusiasm. Her passion for what she does not only makes her the perfect brand ambassador for Loveable, but an inspiring businesswoman. We look forward to seeing what she does next. No doubt the sky’s the limit!

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