When the world of art and the world of fashion join forces to plan an event, nothing less than greatness is expected. On the 24th of May, one of the world’s most renowned fashion houses, Calvin Klein, Inc. went into collaboration with one of New York’s most respected institutions, the New Museum of Contemporary Art and hosted a multi brand event at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea.



Adorned head to toe in Calvin Klein, the guest list of models, local and international celebrities, guest bloggers and VIP’s celebrated Calvin Klein’s unveiling of the ‘Infinite Loop.’  Organized by the New Museum and curated by the Executive Rhizome and Adjunct Curator of the museum, Lauren Cornell, the one-night-only exhibition showcased digital installations from renowned international artists.


The exhibit, held in a custom built showroom atop the South Korean landmark, debuted three specially commissioned interactive video installations by prominent digital artists Rafaël Rozendaal, Scott Snibbe, and collective Flightphase in tribute to the legendary art pioneer, Nam June Paik.



Rafaël Rozendaal’s video installation presented a whole new environment and atmosphere to the exhibition. With the use of illuminating projections of alien landscapes, exploding volcanoes and game worlds that were animated by touch and reflected off a floor of broken glass.


Scott Snibbe’s vivid installation featured an expansion projection of evocative and abstract shapes that were constructed with thousands of pixels and a simple stroke of an iPad. Flighphase’s, Reveal, was a motion activated installation where layers peeled back and revealed underlying images when viewers came in close proximity with the screen.


Hosted by the company’s creative director, Francisco Costa (women’s Calvin Klein Collection), Italo Zucchelli (men’s Calvin Klein Collection) and Kevin Carrigan (cK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans). Calvin Klein Inc’s President and CEO, Tom Murry, and the New Museum’s Director, Toby Devan were also at hand at the event. Although, the installations comprised of many detailed compositions, it still gave the atmosphere a very minimalistic feel, which stayed true to the Calvin Klein aesthetic.


With a special quest performance from South Korean boy band EXO-K and a star-studded crowd that included supermodel Lara Stone, actors Kate Bosworth and Chloe Moretz, it was destined to be a night not soon forgotten as it was a rare occasion that not only celebrated the contemporary art industry, but also the world of fashion.


For more information go to http://www.calvinkleininc.com/



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