Recently, we road tested the new Yoga studio called Humming Puppy in Prahran that is not your ordinary Yoga studio. Humming Puppy is unique in that it offers yoga in a specially designed too with a gentle hum that helps with relaxation. It’s a different experience but one that this writer particularly liked and that made me want to find out more about how this unique proposition from founder, Jackie Alexander.

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Humming Puppy Founder, Jackie Alexander

Humming Puppy is such a unique experience. How did you come up with the Humming concept to incorporate in the studio and classes? 

Sound therapy or vibrational therapy is not a new concept, everything is vibrating and has it’s own frequency. The idea for the hum came from Chris’s meditation experience whereby he experiences strong vibrations in different parts of his body. It was a light bulb moment when Chris thought why not inject a frequency into the space while you practice yoga to tune you. It evolved and developed from then over the last 12 months. Through our own research into frequencies, we were lead to 40 hertz – the gamma brain wave frequency and 7.83 hertz – the frequency of the earth often referred to as the shaman resonance.

What made you decide to open your own Yoga studio? 

I had been working in the dental industry managing practices for about 10 years. I was fortunate enough to work with people that were passionate about their jobs. For me, dentistry just wasn’t my passion. However one thing I was passionate about was yoga. I loved the feeling I got from it and the clarity of mind it gave to me. This led me to my own light bulb moment of deciding to become a yoga teacher and wanting to have my own business. So these two light bulb moments combined conceived the idea and finally we gave birth to our baby that hums this year!

Humming Puppy_6I really enjoyed my yoga session at Humming Puppy and I found the gentle hum really relaxing. What kind of feedback have you been getting from visitors?

The feedback we have been receiving has been awesome, overwhelming and has actually brought us to tears, because students have experienced the studio in the exact way we had hoped for.

Initially the hum can feel a little strange, however after the first 10 minutes students forget about it as they get into their practice (even one of your teachers found it challenging to begin with but now she totally loves it). Students then notice the hum again once they come into savasana at the end of the practice but this time around it feels more so comforting than strange. The “hum” itself which we have had composed incorporates the sound of a crystal singing bowl being struck lightly at approximately 12 cycles per minute which is the average natural resting breath of an adult. Students have said that they have found the hum combined with the studio which is dark and simplistic quite nurturing and soothing.

The studio is beautifully designed and such a warm and inviting space. How important was the design of the studio and who did you work with to bring the studio to life? 

We had two architects design the studio who are both avid lovers of yoga (one has done her teacher training). Their initial designs though did not allow for clients to journey upstairs first which meant that the mezzanine level was a space you would not go to unless you knew it was there. Chris and I really wanted to our clients to experience the entire studio and enjoy all elements of it so we asked for the second set of stairs. This allows clients to journey upstairs through our reception/lounge area, back downstairs to the change rooms and into the shala. This journey is then experienced again as clients journey back out of the studio. We wanted the studio to feel quite earthy and natural while still being elegant and funky all at the same time! The interiors and basically the entire studio is an expression of the things that Chris and I love (and we like nice things). It was really important to us to have a reception/ lounge area that felt comfortable enough for students to want to hang out before and after class. We really wanted our clients to have an experience that was more than just the yoga and so we incorporated elements into the space that make it feel as if you are in a day spa.

Are there any tips for those that are looking to begin yoga classes? 

I think the best tip for any new student is to have an open mind and practice at your own pace. Yoga is not a competition and it doesn’t matter if can’t keep up with everyone in the class or if you never get up into a crazy pretzel looking posture. It’s about accepting that wherever you are at is perfect and having fun along the way. Don’t take yoga too seriously it’s there to be enjoyed, so enjoy every moment no matter where you are at.

Humming Puppy_1Do you follow a specific dietary regime or have any health/wellness tips that you can share with our readers?

The best wellness tip I could give is to be consistent and find a balance between all the things you love and enjoy. Try new things and if they work for you then great and if they don’t then that’s ok too. Everyone is different, no two people are the same there is never one size that fits us all. Have an open mind, experience new things and find what works for you.

Read about our session at Humming Puppy here.

Humming Puppy is located at 2/22 Cecil Place, Prahran VIC 3181.

For more information on classes and prices visit

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