Tired of walking in to overly trendi-fied lane way bars and being met with a bemused look of condescension when you ask what beers are on tap? Then proceed to pay $10 for a bottle of Stella while you stand around feeling out-of-place amongst a sea of tight-lipped wine snobs?

Beer is a social drink, beer is a summer drink, beer is a relaxing drink. Beer is what I want to drink when I’m with friends on a sunny afternoon with no work for (at least) another eight hours. It’s good to see Melbourne responding to these fancies with more microbreweries producing better beer, and more venues providing that beer in an open and welcoming environment.

Here are our picks for you to froth over.


1) Mountain Goat Brewery, Cnr North Street & Clark Street Richmond.

Just another warehouse in Richmond? Not quite. This one’s the home of precociously good Mountain Goat Ale, that’s Hightail and Steam. Head in after 5pm on Fridays and you’ll get a wood-fired pizza, as well as all the humdrum of post-work excitement.


2)  Little Creatures Dining Hall, 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Munich in the heart of hipsterville. Locals of the Fitz love this Bavarian relic, you will too, after a cheese kransky and a brew…or two.


3) 2 Brothers, Joyner Street, Moorabbin

Open Thursdays and Fridays till late, pizzas come with a pot for just $8. Family-friendly, chilled atmosphere encourages many more pots thereafter.


4)  Local Tap House, 184 Carlisle Street St Kilda East

Unpretentious hub for those who want to drink better beer. With 20 taps that are constantly being refreshed, beer enthusiasts are not to be disappointed. Regular folk, also be encouraged. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate what’s on offer here: good beer, good balcony, good times. 


5) Beer Deluxe, Federation Square, Melbourne and Burwood Rd, Hawthorn.

Get amid the laid-back vibes emanating from these dual locations, where mid-week worries are no match for post-week wonders, some of which include beer, burgers, beer, pizzas, beer, bands and… have I mentioned beer?


6) Brunswick St Cider House

Ciderhouse DOES rule. Especially if you like cider. And think that ‘Raspberry and Apple Cider Spider’ sounds like genius. If you’re not convinced, don’t despair, they treat craft beer almost as religiously, here at this Brunswick St institution.   

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