Gentlemen, that time of year has come around when it’s time to take your OTL (one-true-love) or your CF (current fling) on the most romantic night he/she will have all year. All that time an effort goes into picking the perfect restaurant and the perfect present, why not spend that time in what you’re wearing? After all, this night is about you too. We have your Top 5 menswear looks for this Valentine’s Day because you don’t want to ruin the night by dressing down.


It is summer after all, so between your odes of love and glasses of champagne make sure you don’t overheat.

Keep it light and start with a classic beige blazer and pair with a clean and easy coloured shirt and pants. Match with whites, baby blues, pastels and neutrals to perfect the look. Finish off the outfit with shoes to match the blazer in a suede desert boot for the ultimate in sleek modern casual.

The perfect outfit for rooftop drinks, an outdoor dinner or a beachside view.












In a world where colour is overated, dare to stand out with cool blue hues whilst making an understated statement.

Start with a coloured blazer like these. Baby blue is a great start, but any colour will do as long as you can match the pants and shirt in similar tones. Navy is a menswear favourite so you can never go wrong with a dark chino pant. Finish with pocket square for some extra flair.

Take this look out for drinks by the beach before dinner by the water.











mc09_burgundy_outfit_2You might arrive with a bouquet of red roses, but it’s your new look that will be turning heads.

Burgundy is a classic menswear favourite and the ultimate in dapper evening dressing. Originally a velvet favourite, this gentlemanly colour has now transitioned to the world of casual blazers. Always pair with darker colours, burgundy is not the colour to be clashing against other tones.

Take your date to your favourite hidden bar before a surprise booking at the cabaret.












When I say that you can never go wrong with a classic white shirt (see here) – don’t fight me on it. It’s timeless for a reason!

The ultimate in menswear staples, you can never go wrong with a white shirt that fits in all the right places. Effectively impossible to clash with, pair your shirt with dark pants, navy chinos, beige chinos or pastel shorts. The blank canvas of the menswear world, the world is your oyster.

Take your man or woman for dinner in the city before surprising them with their favourite dessert with a view.










Ok, we get it. You don’t do dressed up, so keep it casual in a sttriped tee and chino pants.

Pick your favourite tee and remember less is more. So no heavy graphics but if you must go with a print, make sure it’s a simple pattern like this striped tee. Take tones from your shirt and match your belt and pants to suit. If you see a pastel tone in the tee, invest in a pair of matching pants.

Organise an afternoon picnic and take your OTL/CF on an adventure back into nature.










All looks are available from Politix.



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