Calling all game lovers! Whether you’re a veteran of old school Super Nintendo, World of Warcraft or just a once off, drunk, Singstar player, the Game Masters exhibition is the place to be. Held at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI), this is where you can let go of any inhibitions and embrace that inner nerd you’re all harbouring.

The exhibition is jam-packed with excitement. Imagine a room filled with multiplayer and computer games, scattered amongst a variety of bright and vibrantly lit rooms. You walk through the entire history of gaming, from old school arcade games right up to the visually stunning, futuristic 3D games.

There are over 125 games to play; if you’re keen enough and determined enough, you could sit there all day and complete a game. If you’re waiting for a game to free up, take the opportunity to walk around and look at the concept art, 3D models of characters, documentaries and interviews.


The atmosphere is a constant buzz of excitement and the classic sounds of shootings, weird creatures being killed and the nostalgic ‘ding’ of collecting coins in Mario or Sonic.  The design of this exhibition is absolutely amazing. Picture a full-time gamers’ lair, with sectioned off parts made from Perspex and crazy florescent lights. The exhibition consists of three parts: The Arcade Heroes, The Game Changers and The Indies. It also features talks about the geniuses’ behind the creations, including the actual notepad from the man behind The Sims. For more information, visit progamerreview where they have a stream and many articles about the gaming evolution we are currently experiencing.


On your way out, there’s also a free exhibition about the revolution of technology, film, Internet and games. It’s really informative and interesting if you’re a film buff or just enjoy playing around on interactive structures, you can even create a flipbook of yourself, or take a photo of yourself jumping mid-air, Matrix style.


This exhibition attracts a mixed bag of people, from kids and parents, to puberty blues teenagers, hot Goth chicks (the kind minotaur geeks dream about), to my personal favourite, the elderly lady trying to figure out how to use the Nintendo DS she bought her grand-kiddies for Christmas last year.

I never considered myself a gamer in any kind of way; I was a hardcore Pokémon fan as a kid and played Mario Cart on the odd occasion, and even then I was pretty terrible. But this exhibition rocks! Like any artistic or creative endeavour, like painting or filmmaking, the people behind these games love what they do and love bringing it to the public to enjoy.

This exhibition is so savvy it has its own iphone and Android app. Download it for FREE to play games and learn more about the exhibition.
So go forth and conquer the Game Masters Exhibition today!

The Exhibition has been running since Thursday the 28th of June and will end Sunday the 28th of October 2012.
Head to for more info!


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