Imagine a world where spending more on shoes could actually benefit others. The TOMS organisation, created in 2006 by businessman Blake Mycoskie, is a footwear brand based around the one-for-one initiative; the idea that TOMS will match every shoe purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. Stylish and always on trend, these beautiful shoes are easy to wear and a popular addition to any wardrobe.



The TOMS apparel is by every account as comfortable as they are striking. Originally designed around the traditional Argentinian alpargata shoe, these simple and versatile shoes have come to life in the western markets. With colours and patterns ranging from cool nudes to vibrant leopard prints, and a myriad of styles from simple Botas shoes to the innovative wrap boot, it is not hard to understand why. The versatility and carefree nature of the classic boots has been utilized by a number of celebrities including Julia Roberts and Joe Jonas, as the shoes tastefully complete each outfit.


As the shoes do not go by the seasons, they have a rare flexibility that allows them to be embraced by a diverse range of outfits. Ultra flattering, these shoes can either dominate your look or compliment it. Beautiful, bold patterns have the ability to add colour and flare to an otherwise plain outfit; look to Anne Hathaway for inspiration on how to pull off this look. A simple top, jeans and bright patterned TOMS are an elegant take on casual summer wear. For a more natural look, the grey Botas shoes are a sophisticated and understated addition to a plain pair of shorts and a patterned tee shirt.


If you’re looking for something different, the beautiful wrap boots are as interesting as they are versatile. The ingenious design means that the boot can be adjusted to a height desired by the wearer. Coming in a variety of colours, the boot can be wrapped at ankle height or all the way up to the knee. To achieve understated elegance, try matching the olive wrap boots, at mid-calf height, with a simple white dress. You will walk with confidence, turn heads and not only that—your feet will thank you in the morning!


The warmer months bring not only the excitement and anticipation for longer, sunny days but also the demand for eye protection. Following the release of TOMS new campaign last year, sunglasses are being sold in a similar fashion to their footwear. For every pair of sunglasses sold, sight will be restored to or improved for one person. By offering a variety of colours and designs, TOMS maintains their products within the current trends; the TOMS tinted eyewear is sleek and modern with a touch of glamour. Knowing your face shape will help you pick the style that is right for you. For example, those blessed with a heart shaped face should try bottom heavy frames that sit low at the temple, like the TOMS Windward sunglasses.



Operating in over 40 countries, TOMS has already distributed 130,000 pairs of shoes, and is looking to double that number this coming year. Working in 11 of those countries to restore and improve sight to individuals afflicted with varying degrees of blindness, this organisation is truly remarkable. It’s time to bring out your credit cards, ladies, because for once what you want to wear is what will make a difference.

“The problem is large, but the solution is simple” – Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS.


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