A fascinating trend is emerging: as my Movember efforts begin to reach mo-turity, the quality of the interactions which other people make with me is devolving. The sheers volume of the winks, high fives and general mo related banter exchanged over the course of a day has completely eclipsed normal conversation. This has its advantages. For example, you know those people who always seem to have something witty to say and you have nothing to return? Well if you have a dirty handlebar mo their witty comment is 99% likely to be Chopper Reid related and you will have rehearsed your response 999 times a day for the past 20 days.


However, the benefits of the ease and humour of passing comments are in contrast to the detrimental effect a mo has on extended conversation. The fact is, some people want to discuss your mo so enthusiastically with you that you feel they are actually conversing with your mo and not yourself. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Man-up princess, you signed up for this,’ and you are 100% correct. I’m going to claim this as successful progress against objective III: making an impact through spreading the Movember word, and move on.


I wish to share a mo related embarrassing experience with you. Last Friday I found myself walking down Swanston St (Melbourne CBD’s central corridor, for non-local readers), on my own, fully kitted out as a pirate. Why was I dressed as a Pirate? Well, I’ll get to that…..I was in a hurry and ordinarily I would have been too embarrassed to do this, but I figured that I had been close to my embarrassment capacity/threshold for some time. Poor foresight on my behalf. ‘Just pretend that no one will notice you,’ I thought. It’s a bit hard to ignore people when they openly point/gawk/laugh/cheer/honk at you. It took me a good two city blocks to control the fit of nervous giggles I was having, by which time I had arrived at the pirate party as the only person in full costume. Sure a few people has thrown an eye patch or hat on here and there but it appeared that I had taken to the theme a touch more passionately than everyone else. I blame my mo. You see, having a real mo adds serious credibility to one’s pirate costume. Realising this resulted in uncontrollable levels enthusiasm and boom, the mo serves as a catalyst for making one feel ridiculous.


The point of that last paragraph was to create an opportunity to put this picture in, and to prove that people with Mo’s make naturally good pirates.

A status update on the mo (I tend to get a bit sidetracked at times). It has been proven that I am indeed, the plankton in the corporate food chain. This means that I am rather fortunately still employed, whilst maintaining full biker growth. My team’s (ITAwesome) fundraising efforts have cracked the one thousand dollars raised barrier, which I think is an absolutely outstanding achievement given there is still the best yet to come.


At day twenty of Movember the itch is beginning to settle in, which prompts me to give some rather serious advice to all first time mo-growers.

Here is what you can expect as you enter the third trimester of Movember:

  • It is common for many men to become anxious about shaving and wish for the time between now and then to go quickly.
  • It is also common to gain about 5 extra kilograms, though most of this weight can be attributed to food stuck in mo, rather than increases in net weight of bristle.
  • The frequency of mo-rritation bouts will increase, especially towards the end of the trimester. A range of creams, moisturisers, or conditioners can be applied to soothe this, however always consult a trusted physician before applying.

Try to relax and get all the rest you can – your shave’s arrival is not far away!

I look forward to updating you all next week and a reminder that my MoSpace can be accessed at http://mobro.co/AllanClinch


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