We all know that Instagram gets a bad wrap for being awash with photos of cats and food, and on the surface it’s not far from the truth. However, if you’re embarking on a journey towards health, holistic living or fitness, Instagram can provide a daily dose of visual inspiration which, let’s face it, is the most effective form of encouragement.

Whether you’re striving to cut out junk food, embark on a healthy body or just want to learn to cook meals full of goodness, Instagram has got you sorted with daily recipes, health tips and proven fitness regimes posted by  motivated and driven individuals who document their daily lives.

We’ve handpicked five of the best health related Instagram accounts to transform your newsfeed from a visual bore into a menu of healthy influences. These accounts have several followers that resemble real-life followers, purchased from authentic sources just like the place from where you get YouTube views for sale.


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Ella posts an array of delicious looking meals with simple instructions on how to achieve them. She provides alternatives to typically unhealthy dishes like pizza, cheesecake and chocolate brownies, posting easy to replicate raw desserts and colourful rainbow bowls filled with nutritious grains and vegetables you won’t need to venture far to find.


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Yoga213 operates out of Melbourne and Sydney and has created their own unique form of yoga by combining traditional practice and music. Their Instagram account is full of positive vibes, motivational messages, amazing yoga positions and colourful fruits. Even if you’re not into yoga, this account is a great one to follow for a daily reminder that life is wonderful.


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Kayla is a personal trainer who focuses specifically on getting women bikini ready. She posts regular shots of her flawless physique coupled with detailed videos of her workouts. Along with fitness and workout tips, Kayla posts regular photos of her clients’ body transformations under her 12 week diet and exercise plan. Her account is a great source of inspiration for those who dislike exercise or who are frustrated by a perceived lack of results and includes Kayla’s own daily eats.


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This visual spectacular of fresh fruits and vegetables was created by vegan/gardener Anna who bases her diet on colourful, organic raw wholefoods. She provides easy to follow recipes for each one of her creations and shares a love of gardening and the outdoors.


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This is a seriously must have account for anyone that’s blending their way to a better body. Yourdailyshake provides exactly that – an awesome new recipe for a healthy shake or smoothie.

As always with Instagram, it’s all about the hashtag that is used to define and categorise the image. We found that hashtags such as #vegansofig, #detox, #fitnessmotivation and #healthy are all great places to begin your journey and link up with the communities that inspire you to lead an active, enlivened and healthy lifestyle.

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