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Do you have a clue about Boohoo? Since launching in 2006, the self-proclaimed ’24-7′ fashion hotspot has fast become every well-dressed woman’s best friend (and man’s best friend, with menswear launching 18 months ago) . We love the online fashion giant, and last night, I was invited to a special evening of delicious food, fun fashion, and a nostalgic playlist of 90s R&B – nothing to cry about, for sure!

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Held at the penthouse of Art Series Hotel, The Blackman, edits from the favourite trends that are soon to drop online surrounded an immaculately decorated table, and we were guided through each pull. One of my favourite edits was the chalk pastel range, full of deliciously hued knits, sweaters and full organza skirts, with a close second being the nautical story, which embraces vintage scarf prints with a flourish of vibrant yellow across 90s inspired two-pieces.

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The Chalk Pastel Edit

Each story is incredibly wide ranging, no surprise as the site launches up to 100 new styles per day! The exception to this very speedy rule, is the Boohoo Boutique range, which is a comprised of limited edition collections, designed as the cool, more sophisticated big sister to the main range.

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It’s not all about the clothes, though! Boohoo also has full ranges of accessories including shoes, bags, sunglasses, and jewellery. Pictured above are some of my favourites in vibrant colour of the moment, cobalt. They also have a full range of menswear accessories, so there’s something for everyone!

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After pawing over the amazing clothing, we sat down to a delicious entrée of antipasto, followed by amazing pizzas – perfect food to get to know our fantastic hosts and each other – and were treated to just the right size serving of gelato to cleanse our palates.

If you haven’t already, check out all of the fun, fast and affordable fashion available at Boohoo; you won’t regret it (but your credit card might!)

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