Feast of Merit has revamped its breakfast menu, with new seasonal items that showcase the best produce that Spring has to offer.

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The new breakfast menu stays true to Feast of Merit’s Middle Eastern-inspired roots, celebrating fresh, vibrant ingredients, whilst also offering deep complexity of flavour.

Bircher Muesli receives a makeover with Spring berries, dehydrated orange, and Schulz organic yoghurt, while your morning OJ is given a unique twist with the additions of grapefruit, ginger and earl grey.

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The Spring Harvest showcases the best that Spring has to offer. This absolute feast includes avocado, vintage carrots, soft egg, flat bread, smoked yoghurt, and the most incredible roasted cauliflower you will ever taste. The BBQ Ocean Trout is paired with truly Middle Eastern flavours, including hummus, preserved lemon, baby peas and tendrils, smoked almonds, softly slid onto a slice of toast alongside a poached egg.

If you’re feeling like something sweet, the Middle Eastern Crumpets tick every box by balancing sweet maple ‘honeycomb’ with fresh vanilla and cinnamon labneh, and mandarin curd.

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Communal dining house Feast of Merit prides itself on its ‘farm to table’ philosophy, only using ingredients that are locally and sustainably-sourced. The restaurant deals with most suppliers on a personal level, and every element of every dish is created in-house in the Feast of Merit kitchen.

Owned and operated by YGAP, Feast of Merit doubles as a social enterprise, with all profits redirected to support local entrepreneurs who are working to improve the lives of those living in poverty.

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Feast of Merit

117 Swan Street

Richmond VIC 3121


Images: Tim Grey

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