Premium International Sport brand, FILA Australia have announced Lauren Phillips as the face of its new Spring / Summer 2015-2016 campaign.

FILA, established in Italy in 1911, is a leading sporting and lifestyle apparel producer gaining initial recognition in tennis apparel in the 1970’s. FILA have built on that heritage and today, incorporates sport, life and passion into its designs with a distinct FILA style and attitude.


“Our main priority lay always on style, craftsmanship, and using innovative materials, technologies and techniques” says Craig Reidy, Managing Director at FILA Australia. With ‘Sports Luxe’ still a huge element in FILA collections, many of the products feature luxe trims, fabrics and finishes with paneling and modern cuts that make men and women feel strong and confident while remaining comfortable and dry during workouts. “Our customer can take his or her outfit from the studio or gym to the streets with ease” states Reidy.

FILA Australia deemed Phillips to be the right fit for the champion sportswear brand. “Lauren’s demeanour and personality was exactly what we were after”, says FILA Australia chairman Silvano Merlatti, she looks after herself in body and mind, regularly participates in exercise and is a fantastic role model for kids and adults”.

We spoke to Lauren about her new role, her workout secrets and her favourite sneaky cheat foods.

Gemma: Describe your style for us. How does this fall in line with FILA’s latest offering?

Lauren: I’d like to think my style is relaxed but elegant and when it comes to training gear the new FILA collection absolutely nails that. There are plenty of firm and loose fitting options so I’m covered for whatever my mood or body feels like that day. The women’s Energy Tank is a great fitted tank with a really flattering neckline and longer length which I love for those days when I’m wanting something firmer and for those days when you want something just a bit more relaxed, the Estella Tank is my go to! There’s also plenty of blacks and greysthroughout this collection (my go-to staples) with pops of colour for spring. Exactly how I like it!
G: Why is fashion forward workout gear important to you?
L: Having really stylish work out gear helps me get out of the house and get motivated to train. I’m often out and about running around and trying to squeeze in a gym session at the end of running errands and if I can be in fashionable exercise gear during the day and then head straight to the gym without having to go home, I’m much more likely to get more done!
G: Do you have a favourite piece from FILA’s Spring/Summer collection?
L: My faves would have to be the Muscle Tank in the Burnout Coal with the Penelope Sports Bra in Rage worn underneath, the sports bra is a great pop of colour and the tank is such a flattering fit. The Estella Tank in White paired with the Energy Tights in Cement is such a beautiful outfit, I feel amazing in it. And my every day staple – the Sculpt and Support tights, I LOVE these tights, they are ace!!
G: Talk us through a day in your life- how do you find the time to keep fit with such a busy schedule?
L: The beautiful (and often very confusing) thing about my day-to-day is that it’s always different. My alarm usually goes off at 6am and I try and fall into bed at 9:30pm. We try to take the dogs for a big walk each morning but I don’t really have a set time for exercising – I just try to squeeze it in in between jobs or after work in the evenings. My job is always very active- I’m pretty much on my feet all day so if I don’t have the time or the energy to train I don’t feel too guilty.
G: What advice would you give to men and women trying to lead a healthier lifestyle?
L: I think it’s important to remember that it’s always going to be hard to find the time to exercise so it’s important to MAKE the time. Schedule it in your dairy or commit to meeting someone to train with. That way you’ll feel guilty cancelling. I’m also all for a little bit of everything in moderation.
G: What’s your favourite way to work out?
L: Boxing is my all-time favourite. I feel so strong after a good boxing session.
G: What’s your cheat food of choice?
L: Fish and chips. And Haigh’s chocolate frogs. Yum!
G: Finally- the thought of getting into shape for Summer is daunting. If you could offer us one piece of fitness motivation, what would it be?
L: Start now! Don’t wait until the first hot day to get motivated- start getting yourself moving now and by the time the beach weather is here you’ll be miles ahead. It’s also so important to look after your body from the inside out. Think about everything you’re eating and fill your body with goodness – it will make you glow, make you feel better and give you some added confidence!

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