They have rocked the decks at some of the top festivals in the world, written some of the biggest hits in music, and now, the NERVO twins are set to take on one of their most exciting roles to date, as Australia’s first ambassadors for luxury watch label TAG Heuer.

We caught up with the pair when they were in Melbourne for the launch of TAG Heuer’s new #dontcrackunderpressure campaign with fellow ambassador Maria Sharapova, to find out more about their new role, what’s coming up for them in 2015 and what stops them from cracking under pressure.


TAG-HEUER-Summer-Party_APL-Photography_4_AmbassadorsCongratulations on being named the first Australian Ambassadors for Tag Heuer! Why are you excited to be working with the brand and what does your role entail?

We are honoured to be a part of such a prestigious brand and are super excited to work together! So far, we are discussing how we can organically integrate TAG creatively into our world. We were lucky enough to be gifted a few TAG watches that we really love so are very happy to be wearing them now in our every day life.

You’ve played at some of the most amazing music festivals around the world. When you’re doing a set, how do you ensure you don’t crack under pressure?

We thrive under pressure – always have and probably always will. The #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign feels so natural to us as we feel like adding pressure only pushes us to be better. For example, pressure will make us prepare more for a gig or work harder in the studio which, in the end only helps us to be the best we can.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

It’s impossible to pick our favourite gig because there have been so many amazing moments. Playing main stage Tomorrowland last summer was a definite highlight as we had the sunset time slot so we saw the day turn to night, the crowd were super psyched, they came together from all over the world as one and they responded really well to our new music. It was definitely a highlight of our careers!

NervoWhat are your go-to songs to get the dance floor pumping?

The go-to tracks tend to change every couple of weeks as the sounds progress and new tracks are released but, there’s no better buzz than playing one of our own records and seeing the crowd respond to that! Our tracks like “Like Home”, “Revolution”, “Hold On” all get great responses.

The DJ industry and dance music in particular appears to be male dominated. Have you found that being a female duo has helped or hindered you?

We always do our best to let our music pave the way. Our focus is on our music and our performance – not our gender. We have always looked up to strong women in our scene like Annie Mac, Maya Jane Cole, Miss Kitten etc, and although we are the gender minority I don’t think it needs to effect our work. If anything, it only makes us work harder on the music to prove ourselves.

Who should we be listening to this summer?

There is so much great music out there! We are big fans of playing the higher energy drops in our sets and groups like DVBBS and Deorro are great for this. But there are so many other great artists in the dance scene, like Gorgon City, Oliver Heldens, Tiga, DJAnna (a great female techno DJ!), Disclosure, Shiba San etc that always deliver great records for our listening pleasure.

How do you ensure that your music and mixes stay fresh while keeping that “NERVO” feel?

We think the NERVO feel comes from our original records that we play and also what we are giving to the show from a live perspective; we read the crowd to see how they are reacting and we tailor our sets accordingly. We are constantly sourcing new music for our monthly radio show – NERVO Nation, so that too helps when it comes to finding new material to keep our sets fresh.

What do you hate being asked as DJ’s?

Hmm… Perhaps it can be annoying to be asked to define our sound because as an artist we are always trying to develop push things further so, we don’t want to shoe box ourselves.

Best advice you’ve been given?

To keep working on the music because at the end of the day that is the passion that brought us here and that is the how we will connect with people the most.

What exciting things can we expect from Nervo in 2015?

Our album! We cannot wait to release it.

Images courtesy of APL and Pixgood

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