G-Star Raw and Pharrell Williams. You can’t get a much cooler combination. Both known for being on the edge of all things hip, modern and cutting edge, the brand and mega star singer/producer/dancer/all round amazing human being have teamed up to create Raw’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Oceans collection. Curated by Pharrell, the collection is also in partnership with Bionic Yarn, the Vortex Project and Parley for the Oceans. The collection is made from ground breaking Bionic Yarn. The yarn is made up of eco-thread fibres derived from recycled plastic bottles and the collection will include the first ever denims woven from the Yarn! So fitting. What more could we possibly expect from the cutting edge and always imaginative G-Star and Pharrell.

The partnership is one at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Many environmental groups have highlighted the seriousness of plastic in our oceans at a recently held conference in New York. With the issue of rubbish and plastic being dumped in our oceans growing each year, the need for a solution is more vital than ever. But who would have ever thought though that the solution could be so fashion forward and fabulous to wear?!

So what styles and aesthetics should we expect from Raw Oceans A/W 2014? The pieces are slightly militaristic with a strong, bold and masculine vibe. Clean lines, straight cuts on pants and jackets, and as always is the G-Star case, dynamic and intricate detailing. Colours are intense with indigo blue, grey and black the features. A stand out piece for guys- the bionic yarn raw denim, A-Crotch Trend. And for girls, an edgy, tough looking bomber jacket.

Pharrell’s love of prints is always visible throughout. The bionic denim yarns are printed with a quirky and original pattern. The initiative’s mascot, Otto the Octopus, is morphed into the pieces creating classic prints such as the Houndstooth. This touch is oh so Pharrell. We love.

G-Star, Pharrell and their partners are using awesome technology to retrieve plastic from oceans and transform it into a new generation of denim. Impressively, the collection has already made something out of 10 tonnes of problematic ocean plastic.

Sustainable and fashionable, G-Star Raw’s new partnership is definitely making us happy! And in the words of Pharrell…”because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Because I’m happy…” Well you get the drift. Protect our oceans by getting out and buying some rad new denim.

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