As part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, new theatre group Humanitas Howl bring their debut play Cindy Lou Johnson’s Brilliant Traces to the stageStraight from New York City, and enjoying a full house on opening night, Brilliant Traces tells a story we can all relate to – theatre for non-theatre goers if you will.

Brought together by a passion to share raw, human stories with the masses through the art of acting, Humanitas Howl is the combined power of former 16TH Street talents –Hector Mackenzie, Daniel Paoli, Danny Zivaljevic and Ellie Gangitano. Brilliant Traces is a timeless piece, which explores the depth of humanity through loss, struggle, hope and love.

The play tells the tale of Henry Harry, isolated and indifferent to the world, and his journey colliding with a woman who is escaping her own. Together they shed light on our fears, reveal our deepest secrets and give hope to the people who have given up on love.

You can see the play for yourself September 24th-27th, at suite 203, 10-12 Elizabeth St, Kensington. Tickets for adults are $22, and concession $28. For more information, or to book visit http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/brilliant-traces/ 0r call : 9660 9666

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