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Ecostore is an established skincare company that opened over 20 years ago. They aim to provide customers with 100% honest, reliable skin care. Free from animal testing and any chemical you can think of, it is now possible to incorporate a healthier way of living into your everyday lifestyle.

Ecostore was founded in 1993 by Malcom Rands and his wife Melanie. They were already passionate about organic living, creating a fully sustainable ‘ecovillage’ in their hometown of Northland, New Zealand. They dreamt of creating a safe, organic company that made chemical free living accessible and affordable for all. Safety and health first became their philosophy. They believe no one should have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals, whether it be through their skincare or household products. Ecostore was born.

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Ecostore now brings a leading range of eco friendly products to the market, encompassing a range of products such as skin care, hair care, body care, baby products, as well as household cleaners. All of their products are plant and mineral based, and all are manufactured in New Zealand, adhering to the latest in environmental and sustainability standards. Each product undergoes a lengthy development phase to ensure the upmost of environmental and health standards are met.

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 9.33.01 PM Malcom believes there is really no question when it comes to choosing chemical free products. All consumers should consider using these products, considering that research is constantly proving how harmful chemicals can be to our health and overall wellbeing.

There are around 84,000 chemicals in commercial use, though legislation is not able to keep up with rapid chemical development and research linking health concerns and chemicals is often delayed.

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The company wants consumers to be aware of what they are using on their bodies, so they pride themselves on providing a comprehensive ingredient list on every product.

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Further to the Ecostore name, they consider the earth every step of the way. A mix of recycled materials are used throughout all packaging to minimise waste, while their labels only feature black and white cover art, in a bid to minimise the need for toxic inks and printing processes.

Today, the Ecostore range is sold in over 2000 supermarkets and independent stores across Australian, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA.

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Their products are also available on their website and at leading supermarkets nationwide.

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