Introducing memobottle: a slimline, premium reusable bottle that easily slips into your favourite bag. The memobottle combines environmental responsibility with ultra-convenience, and with its clever notebook-inspired design, is undoubtedly is the best-looking bottle that you will ever come across.


memobottle is the result of a long and careful design process, headed by co-founder Jesse Leeworthy, a product design engineer. He and fellow co-founder Jonathan Byrt were motivated by two major issues in society. The Melbourne/San Diego duo were driven by their passion for the environment and the outdoors, inspiring them to develop a bottle that would be an attractive alternative to single-use bottles. The mass consumption of these single-use bottles have a disastrous effect on the environment, with 1,500 plastic bottles being used and discarded every second in just the United States. This issue can be improved drastically with an incredibly simple and obvious solution: if consumers simply adopt one bottle for everyday use.


Leeworthy and Byrt understand, however, why most people opt not to do this. Cylindrical bottles are bulky and impractical, and they themselves faced constant frustrations with the inability to fit water bottles into their carry bags through their schooling, university and professional work lives.

“Somewhere along the line, society became fixated on designing cylindrical shaped bottles,” says Leeworthy, “Rather than making a product that conforms to the status, we decided to create something that is easy to transport but still holds the functional aspects of traditional bottles.”

Byrt adds, “For years we have been focused on creative design that provides environmental remedy while improving social convenience.”


Consumers clearly agree with the company’s ethos, with memobottle’s Kickstarter fund surpassing its $15,000 within its first 36 hours. There are few water bottles on the market that actually look good, and memobottle has no problems there, with a clean aesthetic balanced with convenient functionality. Its flat shape makes it easy to slot in with your laptop and books, or just slipped into the back of your everyday handbag.


The memobottle is available in two sizes: A5 (750mL) and A6 (375mL). The A5 memobottle is currently available for purchase on the memobottle website. The A6 will be available from October 27th 2015, with an Australian online store also set to launch soon.

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