Internationally renowned, South African born and Berlin-based artist, Candice Breitz, is currently exhibiting her first major solo show at ACMI. ‘The Character’ opened December 2012 and will be running until March of this year. Breitz is well known for her unique film and photography style and in this particular show, she uses these mediums to explore culture, cinema, celebrity-culture and identity.

‘The Character’ features five video installations; one I found particularly intriguing  was ‘Factum’, where Breitz conducted interviews with twins and triplets. What was interesting was the way they opened up about the identity crisis they faced as twins. ‘Factum’ explores our need to be seen as individuals in society and the struggle that not only twins, but singletons too, face when wanting to be heard and not seen like everybody else.

Another installation, ‘Him + Her’ features film footage of Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. Using her favoured medium of film, ‘Him + Her’ comments on gender stereotypes in film as well as celebrity context and culture.

Another highlight is seeing sixteen Michael Jackson fans sing the entire Thriller album. Hilarious.

If you would like to view more of Breitz’s work, you can visit her website:

Location: ACMI, Federation Square
Price: FREE
Dates: 6th December, 2012 – 11th March, 2013

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