We’ve all been there. Months of planning, searching for the perfect outfit, scouring every department store, boutique and bargain bin, then FINALLY- the perfect dress. We find the shoes, the the clutch, the jewellery. We plan our hair and makeup. Everything is just right. This is THE dress. It was worth every cent because you just know you’ll wear it again, and again, and again…

Then someone tags you in it on Facebook and you can’t wear it again until next season.

Herein lies the beauty of dress hiring- the celebrity secret that will change the way you shop forever. Realistically, how many times can you wear that statement cocktail number before people start noticing you’re a chronic outfit repeater? How many chances will you get to wear that heavily embellished ball gown? Rarely will a “special occasion” piece give you the same “cost per wear” stats a pair of jeans. Gowns are an INVESTMENT, and more often than not we’ve found ourselves heavily out of pocket thanks to a dress we’ve only worn for a few hours.

With Lover, Alex Perry and Ellery on their books, GlamCorner is the equivalent of having a fashionable (and very, very well off) girlfriend who lets you borrow her clothes.

glam corner

Founded in 2012, GlamCorner has become Australia’s leading online designer dress hire destination in less than two years. The inspiration for the website grew from the realisation that ladies spend so much buying dresses that they only end up wearing once. At GlamCorner, you can hire luxury designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price and have the opportunity to be seen in a new designer dress for every single occasion.

While you’re cutting it fine to get your hands on the perfect Derby or Cup Day ensemble, there’s still time to find the perfect Oaks or Stakes Day ensemble. For a Birdcage ready look, at a fraction of the price, we can’t look past GlamCorner’s range of high end Australian designers.

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Gemma Watts

Gemma Watts has worked in the fashion media industry since 2012, writing for and being headhunted by some of the country's leading fashion and beauty companies. With a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing and a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) under her belt, Gemma is able to combine her two greatest passions as Couturing's Fashion Editor- fashion and writing.

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