“Remember: What you put on your skin – soaks in – use organic!” –  Miranda Kerr

KORA Organics began with Miranda Kerr’s desire to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients – a range that could be designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin. This gave birth to the KORA Organics, a range which reflects exactly what she wanted for herself but was unable to find anywhere in the world, thus representing her healthy and balanced lifestyle, her beliefs and love of organics.

In Kerr’s words:

“I grew up in a small country town in rural Australia, with a family which embraces and understands the importance of living close to the land and in balance with nature.  For the last seven years I’ve lived in some of the busiest cities in the world and have managed to maintain my organic lifestyle by purchasing certified organic food, healthy cleaning products, growing my own herbs and by using the most natural and healthy skincare I could find.

In the past I could not find a certified organic skincare line that I was happy with so by the end of 2007 I decided to create my own: one that contained all of the ingredients I personally wanted in a skincare range and one that I knew would enable people to experience first-hand the many benefits of using certified organic, healthy, natural products.  I personally wanted the best for my skin and for my health and that is exactly what I have created.”

In KORA Organics products only the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients are used – their products have been specifically formulated to work in synergy with each other to maximize results.

Key ingredients

Noni, a fruit native to the South Pacific Islands. It is a powerful antioxidant and Miranda has been drinking it since the age of twelve. It’s one of Miranda’s “not so secret” beauty secrets! It’s also a key ingredient in the KORA Organics range and it contains more than 170 Vitamins and Minerals alone.

Rosehip Oil, rich in Vitamin C, abundant in Essential Fatty Acids and is incredibly moisturising. It can also assist in reducing the appearance of sun damage and scarring and is a wonderful, nurturing product if you have sensitive skin

Roman Chamomile, a soothing and calming, and great for both for adults and children. Soothes skin irritation and is ideal when addressing reddened skin conditions.

Lavender, both a gently relaxing and comforting essential oil. It has cytophylactic properties that help rejuvenate and repair skin and soothe irritation and inflammation (cytophylactic – protects the cells).Aloe Vera, which contains Folic Acid, Vitamins A, C and E (natural antioxidants), and is deeply soothing, smoothing and moisturising for the skin.

But why is ‘organic’ important?

Kerr quotes an article posted on the Organic Fair Trade site:

“Did you know that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin by using her skin care products in one day? Did you know that 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into your bloodstream? These are two of the main reasons that organic skincare is one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry today. The more we learn about the bitter side effects of unhealthy skincare, the more quickly we will seek out other options.”

But Kerr warns, as is with all lifestyle changes, care must be taken to ensure a smooth transition from one routine to the other. Her guidelines for making the switch from Non Organic to Certified Organic skincare are a good starting point:

– When you move from a non-organic range to a certified organic one your skin will need to assimilate and process any remaining chemicals remaining from your old skincare. Your body will naturally detoxify itself by getting rid of these toxins.

– It is recommended that you support your skin during this detoxification by ensuring you drink plenty of water and cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face regularly. Keep in mind it may take up to a month for your skin to fully detoxify from your old skincare

Your KORA Organics Skin Type




Do you know your KORA Organics skin type and which Three Step System is right for your skin? Skin types generally fall into one of three categories, so Kerr developed a tailored skin care system for each skin type. Click here for more details.

Images courtesy of KORA Organics

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