frankIf you’ve had your eyes peeled these past couple of months, you may have noticed a rise in resealable brown paper bags making an appearance in bathrooms nation-wide. These small parcels of ‘tough love’ are trending at a fast pace, and Frank seems to be the word on everyone’s lips.

A coffee scrub packed with minerals and essential oils, frank provides an all-in-one provision for smooth, supple skin.

Antioxidants treat dryness, stretch marks, scars, and acne as well as neutralizing free radicals, while its high caffeine content increases blood-flow and circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Teamed with almond oil, frank is a powerful combination of love for your skin. Almond oil is widely known for its anti-aging properties as well as its ability to improve skin tone. and is packed with Vitamins A, E and D, linoleic and oleic acids.


Using frank

Using frank involves getting messy and having fun! Best used while showering, handfuls of the scrub are used to cover damp skin all over your body. Using circular massage motions, make sure to concentrate on problem areas and then leave to dry for 5 – 10 minutes. Once finished, clean and rinse using a light body wash to remove excess oil.

The good people at frank recommend 1-2 scrubs a week. The more time spent scrubbing with frank, the more time he has to target cellulite and stretch marks. You should see results after 4 weeks of regular use..

Coffee stains?

Word of warning –  your skin will look brown during the scrubbing process, however this does wash off straight away.

You can buy frank here, and $14.95 will get you a 200g bag. As a general rule your frank should arrive within 7-10 working days.

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