Do you yearn for a simpler time when people swanned about drinking tea, eating sweet things and generally enjoying a luxuriously lazy Sunday afternoon?  Well then you have not yearned in vain good people, because Bursaria are here to transport you to such a time.

On the third Sunday of each month (until November) Bursaria will be hosting their “Touch of…” series of high teas with a twist from 2-4pm inside the lovely Rosina function room situated inside the Abbotsford Convent.


Wet your whistle upon arrival with a complimentary sparkling white and enjoy the courtyard that is the antechamber to the main event.  Also upon arrival you can expect to be entertained with some subtle live music, see the occasional costumed waitress (think Marie Antoinette meets The Hunger Games) and start your bottomless tea or coffee.


The savoury delights that await you during round one are subject to change – as Bursaria likes to source the freshest local produce – but be assured that each delicious mouthful has been delicately constructed to treat each and every one of your taste buds.


You will be provided with a comprehensive palatte of food to make you ‘ooh and ahh’ before you bring yourself back down to earth with some tasty sandwiches.  Also don’t be surprised by if a shot-glass of soup finds its way to your table.


After you’ve cleansed your own palate with another refill of tea or coffee you’ll be ready, willing and able to tackle the tiered desert display.  By now the live-music set will have ended and you’ll be sucking the sugar off your teeth to some disco and Motown tunes from the resident DJ.


Some of the desserts you can expect are panna cotte, meringue, crème brulee as well as some ‘secret recipe’ scones – because what sort of high tea would it be without scones?  The serving sizes might look small but don’t be fooled, they all pack a punch and you’ll be happily satiated – both savourily and sweetly – before the afternoon is over.


A Touch Of is the perfect Sunday outing for all you ‘high tea regulars’ and is also a nice introduction to the whole business if you’re still at rookie status.  There are still three more dates for 2013 so get a group together and get fancy.  Tickets are $55 a head with a free ticket for group bookings of 10 or more.

Bookings can be made through bookings@bursaria.com.au or (03) 9417 7771

2013 Dates for A Touch of:

Sunday 15th September

Sunday 20th October

Sunday 17th November

For more information visit http://bursaria.com.au/a-touch-of-high-tea-with-a-twist

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