The Jeep Marquee is, undoubtedly, the place to be at the Jeep Portsea Polo. With a decadent dessert bar designed by Darren Purchese that took over 150 man hours to create and catering by Masterchef’s Matt Preston, Jeep’s Moab desert themed marquee will be a place of luxurious refuge

Ahead of tomorrow’s Jeep Portsea Polo, Couturing spoke to Portsea Polo Jeep Marquee ambassadors Olympia Valance and Anna Bamford about Polo style and the formula to creating the perfect summer look.

How would you describe your own personal style? How will you be working elements of your personal style into your Polo ensemble?

Olympia: I like to have a lot of fun with my style and also to experiment! The polo is the perfect time to do this! I’ll be looking to wear something colourful and fun.

What’s your formula for dressing for the Polo?

Anna: I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable and feel like yourself. The polo is a great day to dress up and show a fun summery side in fashion. It’s makes it difficult when you have a set idea in mind of what you want to wear so keep an open mind when putting your outfit together.

What are you beauty tips for a face that lasts all day in the sun?

Olympia: Using makeup with SPF is crucial! I also make sure I touch up my make up in the middle of the afternoon.

Are there any specific trends we can expect to see (or that you’re hoping to see) at this year’s Jeep Portsea Polo?

Olympia: Plenty of boater hats! They are everywhere. I expect to see a lot of floaty dresses in beautiful whites and blues. And lots of lace! 

Finally, what is the biggest fashion mistake a Polo-goer can make?

Olympia: Wearing stilettos!

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