Napoleon Perdis believes that it is a crime not to prime.

A primer is one of the most essential steps in any makeup regime, yet  it is often found at the bottom of our makeup bags or tucked away and forgotten in our overflowing beauty drawers.

Primers are one of the most powerful make up tools we have at our disposal, filling in fine lines as well as smoothing your complexion in order to create a flawless face. Using a primer will also help if you have bigger and more noticeable pores, or if your skin is prone to redness as it aids foundation to not only last longer, but will also avoid wastage since foundation is easier to apply.

Many makeup brands pride themselves on their quality primers such as Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($54.95), which creates the perfect canvas for foundation upon application. Smashbox has also released primers for specific concerns such as dry skin, which can be solved with their Photo Finish Hydrating Primer ($62.95), which will quench skin and help seal in moisture.

Stila Hydrating Primer ($35) is also a great product that helps to provide a flawless, dewy finished look, as it is oil-free and lightweight.  Similarly, Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base ($82) helps to smooth the skin for a complexion that both feels and looks faultless.

Napoleon Perdis, who constantly advocates in the importance of priming skin, has also perfected the formula with one of his top selling products, Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer ($55) which includes vitamin E, chamomile and yarrow extracts in order to soothe the skin and keep it hydrated. It has acquired a cult following and continually reaches the best sellers list.

So the next time you apply your makeup, take the extra 30 seconds to fish for that little tube of goodness from the bottom of your bag or drawer and apply a little primer after you moisturise. Your skin will thank you!


Images courtesy of Napoleon Perdis and Mecca Cosmetica

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