The unique  jewellery by designer Julia DeVille are currently being showcased at e.g.etal on Flinders Lane. Her new collection is nothing short of breathtaking, and will be available to view until Saturday the 3rd of November.



The ‘Bequeath’ exhibition features DeVille’s new jewellery collection that has stayed true to her individualistic style of intricate and detailed pieces. The designs have been made by DeVille herself, predominantly through gold and silversmith techniques, also using materials that make her art pieces one of a kind. This extensive collection of her most recent work ranges from hauntingly exquisite ‘Raven Claw’ rings to stunning wedding rings in 18ct gold.


The visual representation of DeVille’s designs at e.g.etal make this exhibition a must see. A select few of DeVille’s rings and necklaces have been delicately placed on the ends of exposed animal horns for visitors to see and get a closer look at. Although this might seem unconventional at first glance, the quirkiness of this layout is just another reason why DeVille’s exhibitions are one of a kind.



The Bequeath exhibition also features the work of many other amazing jewelers. Hundreds of designs all in the one room, an absolute dream for anyone who loves jewellery as much as we do!


The exhibition also features a dash of DeVille’s renowned Taxidermy, adding a little bit more to this already captivating display. Her interest in Taxidermy stems from her love of animals and her fascination with the acceptance of mortality. Taxidermy allows DeVille to celebrate life through the careful preservation of animals that have died due to natural causes only, and they really are something you have to see with your own eyes. Unfortunately, DeVille’s Taxidermy exhibition has recently been and gone, but a few pieces have been woven into the Bequeath collection, to give you a taste.


To find out more about Julia DeVille, visit her website:

And be sure to see Bequeath, open until Saturday the 3rd of November at e.g.etal Downstairs – 167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.



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