Originating in 1956 when Tulio Pierucci set up his first shop in Perth, three generations later the famous Pierucci name has graced Chapel St with their very first Melbourne abode. Inspired by the old world, Pierucci Men’s Outfitters is a one-stop shop for every gentleman, offering everything a man’s wardrobe should ever need from tailored suiting, casual wear, footwear, accessories and even a selection of rare grooming products.

Not only creating high quality suits (soon to be made-to-measure) under the renowned Pierucci name, the Prahran store also offers a select range of international menswear labels from all over the world.

Couturing caught up with Chris Pierucci, the third generation down, about their new Melbourne retail space.

Khoa: What inspired you to open ‘ Pierucci Men’s Outfiters’ in Melbourne? When did this come about?

 Chris: As a label, Pierucci has been around for a quite a while now, actually beginning back in the 50s when my grandfather Tulio set up his first tailor shop in Perth. Our current incarnation was inspired by our roots and the realisation that there was definitely some room in the Melbourne market for that kind of old-school menswear retailing again. 


Khoa: What was your vision for the store? Was there something that you knew you had to have from the very beginning?

Chris: The vision was to be a one-stop shop for guys, where under one roof they could get a quality suit,  shirt, tie, and shoes; but also everything else including sunglasses, casual gear, and swimming trunks.  And do it all in a place where they’d feel comfortable and take some of the hassle out of it all.


Khoa: Who do you see as the Pierucci man? If you had to describe him in three words, what would it be?

Chris: The Pierucci man’s got style and appreciates quality, but he’s not necessarily  obsessed with the latest trends.

In 3 words I’d say he’s confident, dapper, and discerning.


Khoa: You seem to stock a very carefully selected range of menswear labels. When it comes to buying, what do you look for? How do you choose which brands to stock?

Chris: What was important to us from the very beginning was to align ourselves with labels with a similar viewpoint to our own—like Gitman Vintage, Penfield and Shuron; brands with heritage who’ve really perfected their product. We look for quality, and brands that aren’t about just producing throw-away seasonal stuff.


Khoa: When it comes to menswear in Melbourne, do you feel as if there is something lacking?  

Chris: It may not be a Melbourne thing specifically, more an Australian thing. Pierucci Men’s Outfitter is based on the sort of menswear store you find a lot in Italy, France, even the US; small stores that have been in the menswear game a long time and have really got their craft and their own style down pat. I don’t see so much of that here—there’s not really much besides big chain stores, both low and high-end.


Khoa: I know you are still quite new but how has the response been from the men of Melbourne? Who do you find as your main demographic?

Chris: It’s been great having guys in and see them actually enjoying the shopping process and receiving service they may not have had elsewhere.

As for our demographic, it could be anywhere from men in their 20s to guys that are really getting on a bit! It’s less about an age and more about the type of guy that really buys into our aesthetic.


Khoa: What do you think should be some staple pieces for men this Spring/Summer season?

Chris: One: anything with a quirky feature print—shirts, shorts, even a tie to mix up your office look a bit. Two: seriously cool shades. Three: always stock up on quality basics—good t-shirts and chinos.



For contact information or shop their online store, visit www.pieruccimensoutfitter.com.

Images courtesy of Anne Hasegawa

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