Australian jewellery label Maripossa, launches its highly anticipated new jewellery collection, Qualia. If you’re love getting bejeweled, you may find it beneficial to redirect yourself here.

Since receiving The Young Designer Award for Accessories during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin for their debut collection, Pantomimes, Maripossa has fast become a recognized name amongst jewellery and fashion devotees.

Each collection brings with it a promise of uniquely creative and captivating imagery coupled with highly imaginative jewellery, for which Maripossa has become synonymous. Qualia certainly delivers this, with campaign imagery featuring Vogue’s ‘one-to-watch’ gap-toothed model Elle Brittain as the stunning face of the campaign.

Qualia focuses on the idea that we perceive the world not as it is, but as we are through our subjective lens. Images play on these notions of perception and subjectivity with the model’s hands and feet painted a pastel green, a colour which appears through the collection in crystal forms of atacamite, zincite and spray painted cactus quartz.

Unable to be defined as either fine jewellery or fashion jewellery, Maripossa rests somewhere in between, with a thoughtfulness uncommon for most jewellery and fashion labels. Much attention is attributed to naming styles. Qualia comprises of styles with names like ‘Iris Opal Ring’ made from Ethiopian Welo Opal, ‘Kryptonite Cuff’ made from Zincite crystal and ‘Wand Rings’. Woven styles, ‘Allegory’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Eclipse’ made in the shape of an eyelid. A stand out piece in the collection is the ‘Hand Bag/Necklace.’ Again paying homage the hand theme referenced throughout the campaign. ‘If the eyes are in fact the windows to the soul then the hands are the physical extension of the eyes,  expressing the souls desires. It is this tangibility, this movement of ones hands, that expresses desire, love, thoughts, feelings and emotions.” says Besser.

Together with Maripossa’s signature intricately woven chain styles, a more playful element is introduced with Qualia. Spray-painted bangles made from clay embedded with colourful crystals, resembling an organic marshmellow-like material that you simply can’t help but touch and play with.

All pieces are handmade in Melbourne by a small team of artisans . The colors of the pieces are customized using hand-painting, dip-dyeing and spray painting techniques, ensuring the exclusivity and individuality of each piece.

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