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Love/Hate, is a brand that is definitely more about Love than Hate. The Melbourne based design label was founded in 2003 originally producing jewellery and extending into homewares, clothing, shoes, hosiery and accessories. Founder, Geneine Honey does her designs in Australia using unconventional applications of industrial processes that transform precious and non precious materials alike into beautiful objects.


Couturing caught up with Geneine Honey, founder of Love/Hate to chat about the brand and plans for the future.


As you started out making jewellery what made you decide to extend the range into ceramics, bags, candles and clothing?


It all happened quite organically really; I have designed clothing and bags on and off for years, but the ceramics started out as some geometric paper sculptures based on some shapes that we had already designed for beads. They looked so great that I decided to ask around and see if I could find someone to make them from clay; I had done some ceramics at art school so I knew a little about what I was looking for.


I lucked upon a lovely family business in Bali on a holiday and worked with them to develop the range, it was wonderful and hands on and the whole thing just fell in to place easily. I’m still working with them and I go back 4 times a year to develop new projects with them.  Its low-key family environment, I take my kids and we all work together. I have been learning Indonesian for the last 3 years so our communication is quite easy. I have since bought a pottery wheel and kiln and have been working on lots of pieces back home too.


The candles were a similar experience, I found the offering tins on a trip to Bali and thought they would be nice little tins for candles – I have always been obsessed with tins and packaging. I looked for a candle company in Java on a trip and it all came to gather really easily.


My favourite products are always the ones that come together easily, if I have an idea I try and make it happen fairly casually and organically, if it works out like that then great, I will add it to the collection


How did you come up with the name Love/Hate?


I think the name came to me really; my label was originally called ‘love by Geniene Honey’, but I had always just referred to it as love. 11 years ago when I went to secure the domain love, it had been taken. At the time I had no idea how important the domain name would become so love hate was the first thing that came to mind, years later people started calling asking if they had reached love hate, eventually I changed the label name to match the website. It just seemed to stick with people a bit more


What are your inspirations?


Colour, I’m always inspired by colour. For example if I go to the beach and the view is beautiful I will think about all the elements the make it work like the blue of the ocean against the grey of the rocks and the sage of the foliage. Using a colour palate I find I’m always full of ideas for shapes and designs. I also love to look at contemporary art. There is nothing like an afternoon of gallery hopping for inspiration.


Do you have any advice for any budding entrepreneurs based on your experience with building Love/Hate?


Work hard, don’t get distracted and don’t get weighed down with what everyone else is doing; we can spend too much time looking at what everyone else is doing these days, but the best results come from faith in our own ability to design!


What’s next for the brand?


So many exciting things ahead, we are designing for next winter, getting ready for the big design market in December and rolling out our summer range over the next few weeks.


For more information on the collection and to shop visit

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